Bonding with Scott

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This chapter has a flashback into Kirstie's past, so, just to be safe ⚠️ Trigger warning ⚠️

Somehow, Avi had managed to get the skittish female to sleep, allowing him to talk to his best friend once he slipped out of the room. 

"Eighteen, Scott! That means she's been out there since what? 15?" He growled lowly, enraged by the thought. 

He had gotten attached to Kirstin, that much the male would admit, and couldn't fathom the horrible things that could happen to a fifteen-year-old girl in this life. 

"I know, man. I know." Scott shook his head in disbelief. Who could be that cruel? 

"It took hours to convince her she could sleep without getting hurt. Who does that to a defenseless, young girl?" 

The two ended the conversation in somber, Scott agreeing to watch over the girl as Avi reluctantly left for a meeting. 

It was safe to say it was quite frightening for the girl to wake up alone in the large room, no clothes, with barely any sleep. 

Not sleeping wasn't the problem, Kirstin almost never slept anymore. Too many bad things could happen while you're sleeping. 

Luckily, a small note on the bedside table seemed to help calm her nerves a bit. 

It read:
"I promise nothing bad happened last night if you don't remember. Mr. Lewis will never return to our home. I have a meeting to attend, so Scott will look after you."

She smiled at the use of "our" not "my" home, but a space he chose to share with her. Finally, the girl tip-toed and put on the first suitable thing she could find. 

It seemed she had good timing, as, timed to the second, a hand wrapped against the wooden door. 

"Kirstin? It's Scott, can I come in?" He asked quietly. 

"Ye-yes, sir." 

Scott frowned at the evident fear in her voice. He entered the room with a warm smile, hoping to calm her nerves. 

"I'm just going to watch you for Avi, I won't do anything," he promised her, earning a reluctant nod. 

They sat in a moment of silence, trying to think of what to say. The girl was clearly terrified. After all, she wouldn't even go to bed with Avi, someone who's worked hard for her trust, so how would she react to the even taller male. 

Scott was also quite awkward when it came to talking to others, so he wasn't quite sure how to soothe her nerves. 

"So." He broke off uncomfortably. "Let's head downstairs." He smiled warmly, leaving the room. Kirstin followed closely behind.  

While leading her down the steps, another male rushed by, clutching something in his hand.

"Alexander, what's that?" He called to the man, causing him to turn away quickly. 

"N-nothing, sir." He stuttered, hiding the item in his pocket. 

"Don't lie to me, " he growled lowly, pulling the man closer with a tight grip on his wrists.

"show me what you took and maybe your punishment won't be as bad." He instructed. 

Sighing, the male pulled the wallet out of his pocket. "I'm sorry." He mumbled, insincerely. 

"What is this? You not only stole, but you lied straight to my face?" He growled, scaring the younger girl beside the arguing pair. 

"I don't have time for this." He sighed, looking back over to the shaking woman. "Jake!" He called another man over. 

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