Pitiful expressions || Katsuki Bakugou

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a/n: sorry for all the angst i like making myself suffer, mentions verbal and physical abuse


I came from an abusive household, my parents liked to consider me as their personal punching bag. I was never used to being cared for or worried about, I learned to take care of myself and thought that's just how everything was. I learned to celebrate myself, knowing that if I bothered my parents with an achievement they'll destroy it and laugh at me. The first time that happened was in second grade, I got my picture I drew in art hung up on the walls at school. I came home so excited to tell my parents but the second I went to show them my art, my Dad tore it out my hands and ripped it up. My mom laughed at me and called me pathetic. That was the last time I got happy about pathetic things like that.

My parents were never supportive in my dream of becoming a hero, hell, they were never supportive in any of my dreams or hobbies so that wasn't new. None the less, I still trained non-stop and didn't hesitate to try out for the entrance exam. I came in fourth place with thirty five villain points and fifty two rescue points, I think it's safe to say that the rescue points carried any chance of getting into UA. Stepping into class 1-A on the first day of school was a scary thing, I got asked so many questions and greeted by so many kind faces it was almost calming when the spikey blonde yelled at me and bumped into me.

I felt out of place at UA, everyone there was so caring and nice I couldn't help but feel like I was in the wrong place. Maybe that's why I took comfort in Todoroki's and Shinso's presences, they were nice but they didn't make an effort to make that known. I liked Shinso as well since he wasn't so crazy about being the number one hero like everyone in 1-A, Shinso would've been happy if he even got on the top ten heroes. The peace that I felt in their presence was nice, it reminded me of my parents but in a semi-good way. It was just if they were more, calming and not yelling.

Somehow I found myself taking the place as Bakugou's best friend, which was unusual to everyone. Bakugou told me that he liked my quiet, he said he didn't like how nice everyone was. He told me it made him want to throw up, which I agreed with in a hurry. No matter how close I got with anyone, never once would I mention my parents. If someone brought it up, I would just silently agree and then change the subject.

The secret of the abuse started to slip a bit though, which didn't concern me though because it was only with Bakugou that I let subtle hints slip. I guess I didn't realize that Bakugou's behavior shifted when he was with me, his voice was a bit softer and he didn't lash out as much. Maybe Bakugou had been observing all the bruises and days I would fake a smile when someone talked to me. My new number one rule was to never ever underestimate Katsuki Bakugou, that man is a box full of tricks.

It happened during the sports festival, the day all my hard work had come unraveled. I was about to fight Todoroki, which I was a bit anxious about since he did freeze Sero and half the stadium. I was focusing on the table in front of me, my PE uniform getting bunched up as I held onto it tightly. I was trying to think of a strategy, a plan, anything would do. My second rule was that improv and quick thinking would be very helpful in battle, especially if I wanted to cut it in the real world.

My phone interrupted my thoughts, in a hurry, I quickly answered the call only to get insults thrown at me like candy. Expect it was like a little kid who hated black licorice getting only black licorice on Halloween, not fun or pleasant. The encouraging words I received from my classmates and the semi-encouraging ones Bakugou yelled at me had started to fade out of my head, my whole chance of winning flushed down the drain. I was unaware of the fact that Izuku, Uraraka, and Iida had happened to hear all the things my parents had yelled at me on the phone while on their way to give me a confidence boost.

I locked my phone in one of the lockers and left the room, heading to the arena where I greatly accepted defeat. I didn't move when Present Mic said the match could start, I just stared at the cement and let my parents words echo throughout my head. I didn't flinch when the ice came in contact with my clenched fists, I just wanted out of that rink. Bakugou's yelling at me to 'fucking fight' carried over the crowd, but no motivation struck in me. All I could think of at the time was how I didn't belong in UA, I should've gone to a regular high school and lived like a normal kid.

When I left and walked up the stairs to return to the seating area reserved for 1-A, Uraraka and Midoriya looked at me with pity before I could even get there. I clenched my fists once again and turned around, "Stop looking at me with pity in your eyes. Stop it. Stop fucking looking at me like that." I said through the burning in the back of my throat from holding back tears.

I raced out of the building, curling up outside of the building and taking in the sweet breath of fresh air. After Bakugou's fight, I had calmed down a bit. I was in no shape to go back and face the two classmates I had just dismissed though, so I would most likely just stay out here. That was the plan until the same spikey blonde that had yelled at me the first day of school found me, and whispered to me. He sat down next to me and grumbled a bit, "Sorry I failed you." I choked out and blinked.

He raised a brow and looked over at me, "The hell you talking about? It's not your fault, it's whoever told you all that stupid bullshit fault. I wouldn't expect you to win after hearing that anyway, so shut up." He muttered and stood up. He held his hand out to me, his next fight was soon and then the results would be up. I came in third, that was obvious but whether or not Bakugou would come in first was unknown.

I took his hand and then stopped, trying to fight back tears once again. "You're supposed to be yelling at me! And... and hitting me! Why aren't you doing that?!" I shouted, unaware of how loud my voice actually was. He stared at me wide eyed, the girl that was usually quiet had just yelled at him. "I-I'm sorry." I spat and covered my mouth quickly, I had just revealed everything to him.

He grabbed my wrist and looked at me, "They hit you?" He asked in a concerned yet angry voice. I gave him a weak nod and looked down, I felt so small under his gaze. "Hm. Look at me idiot," He said and loosened my grip, I hesitantly met his eyes. "After I win this thing, we're gonna get you out of that hell hole and make sure they pay. There's no way in hell I'm letting you go back there, alright?" He asked-well, more demanded of me.


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