Invisible is the new black || Katsuki Bakugou

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a/n: i just beat my entire family in four rounds of monopoly so my ego is fucking gigantic right now, enjoy


I cracked my knuckles as I studied the multiple areas where we would be training. I was happy that we weren't doing rescuing because I had some pent up anger and I really needed to destroy shit before I commit a homicide. I was the other kid in class 1-A that had a fiery personality, unlike Bakugou though, I wasn't a dick. I was rude when it was necessary, I had no problem telling someone off or making them regret even looking my direction but if they were nice there was no need. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a mix between Bakugou and Todoroki's personalities, if I wasn't destroying shit or training I was pretty much robot-like. When I was talking to my friends, I obviously laughed at their jokes and shit, I wasn't actually a robot.

I popped my neck slightly as I now stared hungrily at the fake villains who were dispersed around the training area. I enjoyed training a lot actually, I put my body through hell but I still loved the thrill I got. I wasn't an adrenaline junkie or anything, I just really liked destroying stuff and I did love being superior to my classmates. I would never admit that though, I didn't want to come off as narcissistic so I did my best to not brag or gloat when I won something. Bakugou, however, had no problem gloating and letting his ego flash.

I waited impatiently for Aizawa to get done talking to Present Mic and let us go, if I didn't destroy at least one building in the next thirty seconds, someone was going to die. I sighed and looked over at Izuku, he was already rambling and taking his invisible notes. I heard shouting, I didn't even have to think about who it was. I turned towards Bakugou who was yelling at Denki and Kirishima, I walked over and slapped the back of his head. "Shut up, would ya? I'm quiet tired of your yelling." I yawned and stretched a bit.

He froze and slowly turned towards me, his palms flaring slightly. Kaminari stared in horror, fearing for my life while Kirishima just smiled at the two of us. I befriended Bakguou the first day of school so me and him were really close, I always pestered Bakugou about his yelling and I rather enjoyed helping the others tease Bakugou. "What the fuck did you just say to me?!" He shouted in my face.

I smirked and flicked his forehead, "Inside voices, sweetie." I teased which made him even more flustered and angry. I chuckled and gave Denki a reassuring wave, Denki took a mental note to have me with him whenever he was teasing Bakugou next time. I heard Aizawa say something about 'starting now' and I didn't hesitate to sprint away from the scene and spiral into the air, my laughs echoing throughout the training zone.

Kirishima sweat dropped and watched Bakugou jump after me, still yelling. "They're both really scary." Kaminari stated and pointed to the two of us, "Should we follow them? You usually follow Bakugou, right? Which means I can follow you, too!" He said with a semi enthusiastic smile.

The two boys set off after us, it wasn't that hard to see us though since Bakugou was setting off explosions left and right. I laughed loudly as I flipped throughout the air again, attacking yet another villain. "Woah, be careful Baku-baby, there are some big mean villains up ahead. You can hold my hand if you get scared!" I teased and crushed another robot.

Bakugou scoffed and finished the robot he was attacking, watching me leap around and head towards the larger robots. Extremely larger robots. "Oi, you idiot! Don't just run into them like that!" He yelled at me and started to chase after me, curse words flying out of his mouth left and right.

Just like Bakugou had predicted, I got cornered by three giant robots. The smirk never left my face as I watched him using his explosions to get a boost towards me. I opened my arms wide and stared at the robots, "If you want me, come and get me, motherfuckers." I cheered at the robots, causing them to charge straight towards me.

I closed my eyes and let out a giggle as I felt myself getting tugged upwards and away from the robots. Bakugou skidded to the ground, holding onto my hand tightly. "Do you have a fucken' death wish?" He painted and dropped my wrist, scowling at my happy expression.

I shrugged and crossed my legs, "Maybe, maybe not. Maybe I just wanted to see you worry about me!" I teased again. He whipped his head towards me and started to yell at me while fuming, literally. Kirishima and Kaminari watched the spikey haired boy yell at me while I laughed my ass off the whole time, "On second thought, why don't we go find Mina and Sero?" Kirishima chuckled awkwardly.

Denki nodded and gave us a puzzled look, "They're like an old married couple. Bakugou's lucky Y/N fell for him though, she's so hot." he drooled and watched my lips curve upwards back into the same smile from before. Kirishima slapped him and grabbed his arm, "I'm just being honest man!"


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