This is reality || Dabi

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a/n: i'm in an angsty mood so have this, sorta mentions suicide?


I smiled brightly as I stepped onto the porch, the bag of treats that I was going to give my parents swaying in my hand. I was only nine at the time but my parents always sent me out to the market down the street, the owner was a sweet old lady who loved my company. I went to use the key I borrowed for my trip to unlock the door, but I saw the door creak open slowly. I might be young but I had seen enough TV shows to know that calling out would be a mistake.

I carefully stepped through the door and saw a trail of blood leading from the living room to the kitchen, making my heart stop. I didn't care who heard me now, there was blood and I was sure that my parents were the ones bleeding. "Mom, Dad?!" I shouted and dropped the bags, following the trail. When I hurried to a stop at the sight of my Mom pushed against the counters and my Dad hunched over her, I almost threw up.

I remember just staring at their dead bodies for a good five minutes before breaking down, I didn't bother to search the house for the trespasser. I heard the phone ring, I dragged my feet towards the phone and shakily picked it up. "Hello, this is 911, we received a call from your household a few minutes ago but the heroes we called we delayed. We're sending a police car over now, is everything alright?" I clenched my fist and let out a sob, the hot tears streaming down my face uncontrollably now.

I slammed the phone into the floor and slid to the ground, sobbing loudly. The police got there quickly, but it was too late already. I hated the heroes that showed up, All Might and Endeavor were the heroes that got called to answer the call my parents sent out but they got too caught up in their stupid bickering and were late. The shocked look on their faces went I slapped All Might the second he offered a hand to me was priceless, "They're dead because you couldn't be bothered to do your job!" I screamed at them and ducked out of the house.

Now I was standing in the same kitchen, ten years later. I grabbed the bottle of water on the counter and threw my head back to swallow the bottle of pills, taking a swig of the water. "There you are, why the hell did you disappear like that?" Dabi said as he turned into the kitchen, today was the day my parents died ten years ago. The only person who knew that was Dabi though, which is why the other members were surprised by my disappearance.

I didn't take my eyes off the counter where my parents had died, where they were murdered. "They were nice people, they worked at a fucking homeless shelter for God's sake. They went out and fed the starving kids by the market everyday, so why the hell would anyone murder them." I spoke, my voice wavering a bit. "You know what makes me even more pissed off, they dropped the case after a week of doing absolute bullshit." I chuckled and tossed the water bottle in the trash can.

Dabi tucked his hands in his pockets, "I'm sure they were, why don't we go back to the league before they get pissed off at us?" He asked but didn't move towards me. I let out a raspy sigh and set the empty bottle on the counter, causing Dabi to wince a bit.

I smiled slightly, "You have a lot of nerve to show up here and tell me that." I hissed and looked at him from the corner of my eye. After I saw my parents lifeless bodies, I went a bit crazy. Who could blame me though, my favorite hero let my parents get murdered and then told them to drop the case after nothing? I started to feel a bit tipsy, my stomach was aching though. "I think the medications working." I hummed.

Dabi inched closer to me now, "Come on, let's go now." He said more sternly this time. I shrugged and dropped my shoulders, laughing at him. Did his pathetic ass really think he could save me after everything? "Your parents wouldn't want you to do this, they would want you to go back to the same old Y/N you use to be."

I raised a finger, causing him to shut up. "I don't remember who I use to be." I muttered and tilted my head so I could look at him, "I deserve to rot." I laughed again and watched his eyes dart around. I gritted my teeth, "Look at me, I want you to be the last face I see." I said angrily at his face.

His eyes shot up to mine, "You could start over though, no one knows your face. You could run away and live a happy life, your parents would want that." He stated awkwardly. I stepped forward and jabbed my finger into his chest.

The smile I had on my face was completely gone, "Nothing ever goes right, don't lie like that." I stared at him for a minute before stepping back to where I was before. My hands found the gun I brought, picking up the bullets. "Besides, if that were true I wouldn't be loading this gun, would I?" I poked at him, one thing I hated about Dabi was how he thinks that everything can be fixed by running away. When I had mentioned joining the league the first thing he said was that I deserved a better life and I should run away to go be happy, he's really that stupid.

He watched me slide the bullets into the gun, one by one. He wanted to interfere but he knew he would make things worse if he did that. "You don't know that, you've just been sulking around this stupid town this whole time. Why not disappear and start over? You could become a hero or something, getting a nice house somewhere pretty. You could have a happy ending, Y/N." His voice was more pleading, he cared too much about me.

I cocked the gun and studied it carefully, "This is reality Dabi, not some fucked up fairytale." I adjusted my footing so I was standing in front of him and making eye contact. I cared too much about him to allow my pathetic ass to hurt him anymore, my finger moved to the trigger and I pushed it into the side of my head. "Goodnight, Dabi."


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