Forgotten but not gone || Tomura Shigaraki

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a/n: i don't really like this one but i like the idea behind it


I found myself mindlessly traveling down the same street once again, eyeing the bar that stood out to me for some odd reason. If I could just remember what happened then I might have some answers but I don't remember anything. Fifteen years of my life are a complete blur to me. All I remember is my parents kicking me out when I was younger, my name, and where I live. That's it. I don't remember going to an orphanage or even being recused by someone so how a four-year-old managed to survive on its own beats me. Every day I would space out and find myself wandering down this street again, I knew exactly what turns to take and how to get there but I have no clue why I know the route to this bar like the back of my hand.

The crinkling of the bags in my hand signaled it was time to head back to my small rundown apartment. It's been eight months since I've forgotten everything. I woke up at the apartment with a full fridge, clothes, everything. I just can't seem to remember how I got here. Visiting that street became a daily thing for me, sometimes I would buy a drink and sit out in front of the bar to watch it. I watched the customers, trying to find any answer what happened. I never found anything though, if I stayed long enough I would get major headaches though.

I had come to the conclusion someone might've erased my memory, but why I visited that bar like it was my home was still a mystery for me. I suppose I'll have to go in sometime, I've been avoiding it because if I even walk on the sidewalk by the bar my head starts to pound. I didn't know why but it hurt like hell so I always left. I set the bag of food down, but jumped away when I noticed all the fresh groceries I just bought were rotten. I stared as the rotten apple rolled out of the bag and hit the floor with a thud.

That brings me to another mystery, I had no idea what my quirk was. When I woke up I had no memory of even having one, not even when I was a child. Recently I've been doing research on quirks, not that it mattered if I was quirkless or not, I didn't have the option to suddenly become a hero. Recently, things have been rotting whenever I zone out for too long though. I blamed it on being distracted, ruling out the possibility of having a quirk. I visited my parents' house last night to try and figure out what their quirks were or if they remembered me having one but they weren't there.

My parents had died the night they kicked me out. Everything was one huge mystery and each day it got more and more frustrating. I stared at the fruit, watching the bags topple over. I quickly threw it out and then grabbed my jacket, I needed answers now. I grabbed the keys to my apartment, just before I went to open the door and head out I felt something fall out of my pocket. I looked down at the floor, it was a picture of a kid next to me. My head started to ache and I dropped the picture, my hands clutching my head.

I grabbed the picture and locked my apartment door behind me, tonight I would find out what happened in the fifteen years I can't seem to remember. I headed towards the bar, my headache getting worse and worse. Just before I went to open the door, a guy grabbed my forearm. "Here, let me help you find what you're looking for." The silver-haired person said and dragged me with him.

We stopped in front of a new door, he turned towards me and gave a small smile. "You're allowed to remember everything I've told you to forget." He said and looked me dead in the eye while dragging me through the door.

I felt his hand leave my arm as it all came rushing back to me, wobbling slightly as I took a step forward. "W-what?" I breathed out as memories flashed throughout my head. The picture, my parents, the league of villains. I felt my headache slowly slipping away, my quirk, their death, the kid. I covered my eyes as I remember what happened, I got kicked out and a man approached me. He said that I could go with him, then that night he woke me up and told me my parents had died. I remember it all, I remember Tomura.

The silver haired guy that dragged me up there, his name was Giran. He sighed and crossed his arms, "She found out on her own, Tomura, she recognized the bar." Giran said to the shocked Tomura who was staring at me. After I got in the way of Tomura and took a bunch of bullets for him, he erased any memory of my life as a villain and sent me away to live safely.

I adjusted my foot stance and dropped my arms, I remembered who I was. The food was rotten because the more I hung out by the bar, the more I remembered and gained control of. My quirk was similar to Tomura, but I sucked the life force out of anything I chose. I must've been rotting the food slowly as I watched the bar. I stood up and let out a shaky breath, "You can't get rid of me that easily." I choked out as I soaked in the memories.

Now didn't seem like the right time to joke, but I couldn't help it. A smile crept onto my face through the pain I was in, "Guess you're right." Tomura chuckled and watched me catch my breath. He knew I wouldn't be gone for long, All for One told him that too. I was stubborn, even while I was unconscious when Tomura and Kurogiri were taking me to the new apartment I had been clawing at them the whole time. It felt good to have me back with him, it felt good to be back.


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