Chapter 1: The Aftermath

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"Whoever makes it last-" said Carlos.
"Is a rotten apple!" said Mal, Evie, and Jay, finishing Carlos' sentence. They all started running to the Isle on the bridge Mal and her boyfriend, Ben, built with Fairy Godmother's Wand. Jay made it first, Evie made it second, Carlos made it third and Mal made it last.
"Looks like Mal is a really rotten apple." said Jay.
"Shut up!" laughed Mal and playfully punched Jay in the arm.
"Owwww." said Jay, sarcastically.
"I can't believe we're actually here." said Evie.
"Yeah." said Mal. They all looked at the Isle as they remember the memories they had here before coming to Auradon.
"Should we find them or take a look around first?" asked Carlos.
"Find them first," said Evie. "We do miss them very much, don't we?".
"Yeah." they all said.
"Alright. Let's go." said Evie. They all went together in hands to find their parents since they all live in the same house. When they finally got there, all of their parents stopped what they were doing.
"Evie!" yelled Evil Queen, Evie's mother and they hugged.
"Jay! My boy!" yelled Jafar, Jay's father and they hugged.
Carlos looked around and didn't see her mother anywhere.
"Hey, do you know where my mom is?" asked Carlos.
"She's upstairs." said Jafar.
"Thanks." said Carlos and he started heading upstairs. He opened a room and saw his mother, Cruella De Vil, sitting on a couch full of fur, watching TV.
"Hey Mom." said Carlos. Cruella turned around and looked at him.
"Carlos! Is that really you?" asked Cruella. Carlos nodded.
"It is so good to see you again!" said Cruella.
"Yeah. Also, good news," said Carlos. "The barrier has been taken down and it will be like that forever."
"That's great!!! Now, I can finally find all the dogs I need to get their fur." said Cruella.
"Oh yeah. About that. There's other good news." said Carlos.
"What is it?" asked Cruella.
"I want to become a vet." said Carlos. Cruella looked at him.
"Say what now?"

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