Mind-Blowing Sleepover

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"Ohmygosh Ohmygosh Ohmygosh!!! Hey soandso, you totally excited for the sleepover??!!! Yeah??? What do ya wanna do tomorrow night, should we do...umm...uh..."

Don't know how to make the absolute best of your Sleepover?

Here are some fun ideas for you gals to do:

- Make an amazing fort/tent and sleep in it. Just grab a few sheets and clips and transform your room!

-  Photo booth!!! Yep, there's always time for taking pics!

- Karaoke! This has to be my favorite thing to do, especially since none of my family does it a lot. Try not to do this in the middle of the night... A group of girls and music does not fall well on parents' ears...

- Have everyone write random truths/dares on slips of paper and take turns drawing them from a basket.

- Have everyone line up facing one direction on the floor. Everyone except the person in front does something awesome with the hair of the person in front of them. The first person can entertain everyone with music or something. (If you have a LOT of girls, you can actually make a comfortable circle so that no one is left out!)

- Crazy Makeup!

- A Hot Chocolate bar!

- Eat/Watch Movies, duh!

- And maybe, just maybe get some sleep!

Have fun!!!


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