Chapter 12- back to school

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Time skip to back to school after spring break
Zach's POV
Spring break was awesome. Jack and I went a few dates and all is going well. Now it's time to go back to school. Great. At least I won't have to worry about Eben and Jonah too much because I now have Corbyn, Jack, and Daniel. I walk through the school doors and see Christina and Gabbie. I run over and hug them. After our group hug we talk about our boyfriends and our celeb crushes basically like every other student. I get to first period and Jonah's not there, lucky me, and Eben is giving me a death glare. I ask the teacher if I could go to the bathroom and she said yes. I get to the bathroom do my business and start to wash my hands. I look in the mirror and fix up my hair. As I fix my hair Eben walks behind me. "What do you wan—" I was cut off by a kick in my back. It felt like a stab of pain. He then starts to punch me. I feel weak but this rush of confidence comes. I get on top of him and start to punch him. I stop before I beat him up too much and wash my hands again rinsing off all the blood. I walk back to the classroom and sit back next to Christina. "Aw, what happened?" She says looking at the cut on my lip. "I beat up Eben" I say like it's no big deal. "Really? I'm so proud of you Zach" she hugs me. "Is there something you would like to share with the class?" The teacher looks at Christina and I. "Yeah, That Ms. Smith is nosey" I say and giggle with the class. "Go sit outside the door" ms.Smith says. I go out there and lean against the lockers. I see Eben walking into the class and I smile at him. He rolls his eyes and walks in to class. I sit and I see Jack walking with a hall pass in his hand. I texted him earlier that I was out here. "Hey Zach" he looks at me. "What happened to you?!" He asked worried. "Well... I was in the bathroom and then Eben came in and started kicking me then I felt confident and started to punch him." "I'm proud of you" Jack says to me giving me a peck on my lips and pulling me in a hug. We pull away from the hug. "Thankyou" I say flipping my invisible hair. He giggles and the bell rings. We walk to 2nd period. Jack and Daniel sit next to me while Corbyn and Christina sit behind us. Eben sits in the back. We stole the teachers microphone while he wasn't looking as a prank. It was funny, he thought he was losing his mind. Daniel, Corbyn, and Christina volunteered to go do something for the teacher and Jack had to sneak back the teachers microphone. I watch Jack sneakily putting the microphone back and then there's a tap on my shoulder and I turn and see Eben. He gives me a note and whispers, "don't tell anyone" I nod my head and gulp. The note says
Dear Zachary,
I have a surprise for you. Meet me at my house tomorrow night. It needs some time to arrive.
Sincerely , Eben
Great, my enemy wants to give me a present. Jack comes back and tells me he put back the microphone back successfully. "What's wrong Zach?" Jack asked me. "Nothing, I'm just tired" I pretend to yawn. "Okay"

Thanks for reading guys. I hope you liked this chapter and how the books going so far. Feel free to ask me some questions about the book or about me.💗

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