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valerie paced the floors of her la home as she waited for the call on the movie. she chewed on her nails as she stared at her phone. once she heard the phone ring she instantly picked it up. "hello? really? okay okay thank you bye" valerie said before hanging up. she stared at her phone before squealing loudly in her home. she smiled instantly calling finn.

"hello" finn said answering the phone. "i got it finn i got the part!" she exclaimed with a smile. "see i told you" finn grinned at hearing how excited she was. "should've believed you" she chuckled. "yeah you should've but congratulations darling" he congratulated. "thank you finn" she said smile still on her face. "of course" he replied. "okay okay i'll let you get back to filming" she smirked. "alright i'll facetime you later" he said. "m'kay see you then" she replied. once they said their goodbyes valerie sighed flopping in her couch.

she thought for a moment before calling joe. "can i help you?" joe asked. "yeah you in la right now" she chuckled. "maybe" he replied. "wanna come over?" she asked. "hm let me check my schedule.. i'm free" joe replied. "you're stupid" she laughed. "hey do you want me to come over or not?" he asked acting offended. "hm now i'm not too sure" she smirked. "drop the smirk rae i'm on my way" joe laughed. "woah how'd you know?" she asked. "i know you" he responded. "that's crazy" she gasped. "shut up" he laughed before saying goodbye.

"knock knock" joe said knocking on her door as he walked in. "oh heyyy" she said looking over at him. "oh heyyy fancy seein you here" joe chuckled taking a seat next to her. "you're bored huh?" he asked her. "oh so incredibly bored" she replied. joe chuckled lightly with a nod. "oh hey i got the part in the queen movie" she informed. "oh no shit really?" he asked looking over at her. "yes!" she exclaimed. "that's wonderful" he smiled hugging her. "i'm so nervous" she admitted with a laugh when they pulled away. "i would be too the fuck" he laughed. she happily sighed looking at him.

"so" she said. "so" joe replied looking back at her. "now what?" she asked. "i don't know you invited me" he laughed. "damn okay uhmm" she said looking around. "we could go outside" she suggested with a laugh. "what's it like out there?" he asked. "polluted" she replied. "that's very very true" joe replied. "i don't know we could go get something to eat" valerie said getting up. "alright i'm down" he replied standing up as well. "let's go then shall we?" she asked. "of course" joe replied lacing his arm through hers as they made their way out of her home.

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