Forty - Eight

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Skylar's POV:

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Skylar's POV:

It felt like I was frozen in a trance as I kept looking at the screen.

"The last metal discoid-" This must've been the hundredth time he looked at his right. "-you'll find it there."

I blinked before pressing the pause button. He had earlier mentioned a place which I hadn't paid attention to. I had been more focused on the mysterious room he was in. I played it again.

"The State Museum in Harrisburg. The big statue of William Penn." I had no idea who that guy was, but I still kept on listening. "The last metal discoid. You'll find it there."

"Get access to the metal bar behind it. Type the code 5732. And you'll find the disc underneath it."

Those were his last words before the camera disbalanced itself. I heard a crash and the video ended. Closing my laptop, I leaned my head against the headboard.

Who was that man?

At least I knew what object he was talking about. The metal discoid. As far as I knew, discoid meant a disc-like structure.

I'd seen them in Alex's drawer.

Dread filled me out of nowhere. This video was what Blake's gang had wanted. They wanted the disc. But why? What was so important about that disc?

As if my hands had their own mind, I took out the drive and kept it back in the wooden box. Without locking it back, I stood up and went over towards my closet. When I had stuffed it deep inside my clothes, I blew out a sigh.

This video clearly told where that disc was. And that was dangerous. Having it with me was dangerous.


"Can you tell me where the auditorium is?" I heard a girl ask me.

I didn't know why the Principal couldn't have pasted large school maps on the walls. Why was I stuck here telling people where the auditorium was? Or the bake sale area? Or the stalls?

"Sure." I said with more of a forced smile before walking towards the auditorium. After all, as long as I was wearing the staff badge, people will keep on coming towards me. Like I was a pathetic magnet.

"You study in this school?" The girl asked, walking beside me. I had no choice but to nod.


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