Twenty two

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Vicky’s voice fills the room. “Samael and Camael were created together, and while Camael’s glory was blue tinged with white, hers was a deep shade of magenta, tinged with olive green.”

Cael squirms in his seat, obviously uncomfortable. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, he chants to himself, not realizing that our minds are still connected. Images of a beautiful blonde woman, who is almost his mirror image if not for the colour of her long hair, flash through my mind and I realize that they’re Cael’s memories.

“They were twins. While Camael was an angel of Divine Justice and Love, Samael was an angel of Death and Temptation. They acted in tandem, Samael taking people’s souls who fell to various temptations, and Camael judging whether or not they deserved to go to Heaven, Hell, or Limbo, embracing them lovingly in his warmth if he found their soul was filled with enough good.” She continues.

“When Lucifer Fell, he took her with him although unwillingly on her part, and Camael was left without his twin and best friend to do the job of two.”

“Until he Fell because of me.” I whisper.

“Yes,” says Liam. “Of course now others have taken their places, as…as it goes for all of us. They took on our duties on top of their own.”

“What happened to her,” I ask, holding my necklace. If ever there were a time I wanted time to stop, it would be now. I bite my lip nervously.

Don’t, whispers Cael in my thoughts. But the question’s already being answered.

Liam shoots an apologetic look towards Cael. “She was tortured for hundreds of years by Lucifer’s followers because of her repentant nature. Eventually somebody stabbed her and left her for dead; only she didn’t die. I’d Fallen just seven years before she found me and had made my way into the Himalayan mountains. I had been taken in by some Buddhist monks who thought I could use my strength to help them build a new wing to their mFonastery, and in turn they gave me shelter, food and taught me about their religion; how’s that for irony, eh? Buddhist monks and an angel working together! They knew there was something different about me, but never pried. I suppose they had their suspicions about what I was, but they were good people.”

“Where is it that you Fell?” asks Cara. “You look like you could be from India, which would make sense geographically, if the monks were Buddhist, and in the Himalayas.”

He smiles fondly, but doesn’t answer her. “I was working on a wall that had cracked during a storm, when one of the monks came to me, telling me of a crazy white woman who kept asking for me.” His smile fades somewhat. “Samael finding me wasn’t a coincidence. We all seek out our own kind when in distress, and of course she was in much agony. See, the only way one of us can die is if it is another angel to harm us, but it has been known to fail in the past…and well when Lucifer had his men stab her and leave her for dead, they did more than just that.”

Tristan is sitting at the edge of his seat, his short hair stuck to his scalp from sweat. The story must be getting to him as much as it’s getting to me. “What did they do?”

“They ripped off her wings.” Whispers Lisa.

Cael looks like he is going to be physically ill and he stands up abruptly, and then wordlessly walks out of the living room and into what I guess must be the bathroom, all the way there thinking, I can’t, I can’t, I just can’t.

“Don’t follow him,” says Sam, quietly, reading the look on my face. “Uncle Cam just needs some time to be alonesome.”

“Don’t you mean alone?” says Lisa, smiling despite the very awkward and intense situation.

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