Chapter 5: Meet the In-Laws

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Cleo's POV

I had to admit I was pretty nervous about meeting the movie stars. I guess I should ask him that. You know if his family were actually movie stars and if the Indian boy was on sterodes. So thats what I did. Heck ya I asked him both questions!

"So I have two quick questions. 1: Are you and your family actual movie stars and stuff like that? Or even models? and 2: Is that Indian kid on sterodes?" I finished feeling proud to actually ask those questions. "No and no unfortunately but I also have a question for you. Are you a model, actress, or princess?" he asked I couldn't come up with an original answer so I went old school. " Well I'd like to be all three but sadly I am not." I answered with a sad look on my face.

We continued walking and asking each other random questions that popped up in our heads. It was fun because I did learn more about him. He said that sometime I should go over to there house and I did the same warning him about my dad. I told him my parents were splits-ville since I was 5. He said he was sorry but I just said don't be and left it at that.

We soon arrived at the meeting destination to find his family split up. His brother, Emmett , said not to worry and that they would be back soon. THen after he thought when I wasn't listening I heard him ask Riley for my number. The blonde immediately asked if I had a spare book she could use. I got out a brand new book ,that was good for hitting, and she walked up to her boyfriend and slapped him hard with the book.

He turned around and stared at her and she just said, "I doubt Cleo wants you to have her number. And you already have enough contacts." she finished her speach and came and thank me and gave me my book. I put it away and got out a spare sheet of paper and a pen and wrote down my number. I got up and tapped him on the shoulder, " Hey here. Early birthday/Cristmas gift. Don't say I never gave you anything." I smiled and turned and sat back down just in time to so blonde stick out her tongue. When they weren't looking I returned it my sticking out my tongue and putting my fingers in the shape of an " L " on my forehead.

I definately won my battle with blondie and wasn't going to keep it a secret. When his parents came back they greeted me with a handshake and a comfy hug. His mom was very welcoming. I felt home already. I already thought about going to their house and hanging out. They definately were a cool family and I would definately be popular when I got back home. I was determined to get their phone numbers and pics to show my friends back home. Maybe I could convince Riley and family to move back in New Jersey, my home state. They wouldn't be social but they would have me, so their lives wouldn't be lost or confused.

We were now headed over to parking garage. I didn't know that they were rich. But they were because they all had cars. Except Riley, but I just rode with ALice in her Porcshe. On the way to their house I remembered my dad."Oh Crap! UGH!" I moaned not trying to distrupt Alice and her driving. Apparently they all drove really fast which I liked. So I looked and looked all through my bag when I finally found my dad's number.

I got out my cell and dialed the number. It rang 6 times and then I heard a strange but familar voice.

"Hello? Who is this?" the voice asked, clearly un-aware of who I was.

"It's me Cleo, your eldest daughter. The one who is spending the summer with you. Oh great I am spending the summer with the man who created me and he even doesn't know I am coming to visit. Great, I feel right at home." I was frustrated but a wave of calm rolled on me and it felt good but weird too. I let it cover me completely and then I heard him answer.

"I'm sorry honey, I knew you were coming but I didn't expect you this early. YOu mother does know that it's the end of the school year right? She knows your missing school right now? And what is thatsound in the back ground?" he asked probably wondering if I was falling down a hole. Down the hole and into Wonderland. But no Alice, just little old me Cleo. Nothing much apparently.

"Yah, she knows all of that. She hasn't been in her right mind lately. Well actually she's never been in her right mind." I heard Alice and Jasper, who was riding shotgun, laugh at my comment." And the noise is not me falling down a hole and into Wonderland. Oh it's and inside joke well only I get but I am getting a ride from a friend. I will be home in a while. Oh I have your address." Right as I finished we pulled up into a gorgeous house with clear walls and that was like three stories high. It was awesome." Uh dad I have to go. Bye!" I didn't let him finish I just said goodbye and hung up, gazing well more like staring at the house that MY man lived in.

Alice pulled into the garage. Their garage was filled with the other's cars already. I saw Riley and his family waiting for us."What took so long? We've been here for hours." Emmett asked joking around with his sister. On the plane ride Riley told me his siblings were all together and were all adopted."I didn't want to go too fast knowing how Bella was." Alice answeres looking at Bella who was by Esme now." Oh I didn't mind the speed. I prefer fast to slow." I commented making Riley laugh I walked up to him and he took my hand and we entered his house.

It was amazing. It looked way better on the inside than the outside. Riley told me Esme did it all and I told her it looked amazing. She thanked me and she went off to find her children and husband. Riley showed me all the rooms. His siblings rooms were all different. He told me Bella's and Edward's was a cottage in the woods.

When we got to his room he looked through my bag pulling a book from it. He looked at the cover and opened it up to the first page and started reading. I got my cell and took a picture of him right as he looked me in the eyes. It was an awesome photo and I put it as his contact photo. I also sent it to Mari. And she quickly texted back but I would check it later because me and Riley were making out now.

WAIT!!!! We were making out? Well I actually have proof because I accidentily pressed the record button so I have it on video. I am notletting Emmett see this. When I found it I showed Riley and he agreed. I sent it to my e-mail so I could keep it and have fun with it. He said he wanted to see the outcome.

After an hour at his house we both agreed that it was time for me to go home. They all hugged me goodbye and I thanked them for inviting me over and headed out with Riley to Rosalie's red comfortable. "Are you sureyour allowed to drive her car?" I questioned knowing she hated me for giving my number to her Emmett. " Well if we get in quickly and head out she won't catch us. Hop in Babe." I smiled in hopped in hoping she wouldn't catch us. And she didn't but she called Riley but he put his phone on vibrate and ignored it. He drove extra fast and I liked the wind in my face. I felt good especially my long bright red hair in the wind.

I arrived at my dad's house in a redord time. He was waiting in the living room watching t.v. I got out and he escorted me up to my porch. Before he left, we kissed a good kiss. Actually he kissed me a couple of times and then said he better go give " Rose-Zilla " her car back. I told him to put him to take his phone off vibrate. He sadi he would and kissed me on my forehead and left in a hurry so that " Rose-Zilla " wouldn't bite his head off when he got home. I waved at himas he drove away and he waved back.

Now I just had to survive meeting my dad again after 11 years of seperation. It didn't seem that bad but I was all worked up and I couldn't think straight. I got my bags and rang the doorbell twice. I heard footsteps and the door unlock. Oh God! My dad looked like Bella Swan's dad!

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