Dick Grayson- Raven (c)

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When you heard the door open at three in the afternoon, you were rather confused. You lived with your fiancé Dick, but he was at work and wasn't meant to be finishing until that evening, not that he ever finished on time, but it was far more unheard of that he would be home early, especially this early.

"Honey?" You called out hoping that it was your fiancé, not a burglar whom had somehow gotten your key.

"Hello Darling," your fiancé called back.

You let out a sigh of relief, finishing up with what you were doing before heading out into the hallway to talk to him and see why he was home so early. You hoped desperately that something bad hadn't happened meaning that he was home so early, it was unlikely his boss had just allowed him to come home, but you had to be hopeful.

As you entered the hallway, you found a scene you didn't expect. Dick was there but he certainly didn't look injured, but he wasn't alone. Beside him stood a young girl, likely in her mid-teens with dark blue hair. You didn't recognize her, and it baffled you as to who she was or why Dick decided to bring her home with him.

"Hello Sweetheart," you smiled at the girl.

Although you didn't know her, you could tell she was scared and shaken, you had no idea why and you wouldn't pry as she was clearly upset but you wouldn't stand by and leave her sad.

"Hello," she said with a weak smile.

"This is Raven," Dick stated. "Can I have a word with you please Y/N?"

You nodded your head before turning your attention back to the young girl.

"Why don't you head on through there," you said pointing into the living room. "And I'll make us some tea?"

She agreed with a smile, heading off into the room, whilst you led Dick into the kitchen. You flicked on the kettle, partially to block Raven from hearing the conversation.

"Who is that?" You questioned.

"Raven. She's special Y/N and she's in danger. Some people are out to hurt her, and I need to get her safe. If it's okay with you, can she stay here tonight?" He asked. "I wanted to call ahead but I didn't get a chance."

You let out a sigh. You knew when he referred to someone as special it meant they had some form of powers seen as it was far from uncommon when it came to the people, he spent his time with. It was a lot to take in, but you weren't about to send a kid out onto the streets.

"Then what's your plan?" You questioned. "She can't stay here forever."

"I'm going to take her to Dawn and Hank tomorrow. They can keep her safe until I figure this all out. I'm sorry for dragging you into all of this but I didn't know where else to take her."

Pouring out the hot water, you continued to make the cups of tea.

"We'll have a proper talk about it tonight but right now there is a kid in our living room, and she looks terrified and confused, I'm not leaving her like that."

He nodded his head, pressing a kiss to your lips. "I knew you would be good for her to be around."

With that you took the two mugs of tea into the living room to share the hot beverage with the terrified child.


Written by Charlotte.

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