Part 15

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I slowly closed the door and stepped away from the hotel room, I looked up at the night sky and took a deep breath as I slowly began walking. After finally coming to the conclusion that I can't leave this town until Lucy figures out some spell i decided to maybe get to know it. It was small and cosy, I always dreamed of living in a small town...but now I just wanted to leave.

My eyes fell upon a small diner, the sign lit right up into the sky. I was pretty hungry and hadn't eaten all day...
I decided to walk in, the small bell above my head dinged and I looked around, there was only an elderly couple sat at the back of the diner and a man at the counter, I walked to a booth and sat down while taking the menu

The bell rang again making me look up and a group of men walked in, I didn't pay much attention but I did keep my eye on them incase they were Grayson's men...
Then again, I hadn't seen Grayson in a while. Which was confusing and weirdly frustrating

I sighed and ordered my food as soon as the waitress came, as I sat waiting I noticed the guys turning around to me, I raised my eyebrow but they turned back... okay now I was feeling a bad vibe
I looked around and saw the only exit point would be right past the group...which wasn't exactly helpful

At that point one of the men stood up, I watched him carefully as he took a seat infront of me and smiled " Alpha Graysons mate " he stated, not asked but made it as a clear point
" what do you want " I asked glaring at him
" don't you worry, we're not apart of his pack love " and I looked at him even more confused
" we're what you'd call...rouges " I didn't know what that meant, but I didn't know weather to be relieved that they weren't in Gray's pack or not
" then what do you want "

" you "
The man suddenly lunged at him, his hands wrapping around my neck. Panic set in my head as I felt his fingers pressing harder against my throat " s-stop " I managed to breathe out as my hands wacked against his face, I grabbed his head pressing my fingers against his eyes as hard as I could. A scream erupted from him as his hold on me weakened and I crawled away from him, that's when I noticed the men stood up...they're piercing yellow eyes fixated on me

I grabbed my throat coughing, trying to breathe in as much air as I could. Getting up to my feet I ran the opposite direction allowing me to escape into the bathroom, I slammed the door shut and I looked around seeing a small window just above the stalls " shit it's way to small...."

I backed away from the door, my eyes wide as they slammed opened the men standing there, baring their teeth at me " pleas I don't want any trouble! " I didn't know what to do...there was 8 of them in total as they neared me I could feel my heart beat hands were burning, my skin was itching...I felt like I was gonna explode

I closed my eyes as I could feel pain drifting all over my body and hunched over, I screamed as I felt tear drops form into my eyes, the pain taking over

I kept my eyes shut as I breathed heavily and clung to my jacket, slowly I brought myself up and opened my eyes
What was happening ? The men were on the floor, their bodies burned, I could almost smell their flesh making my empty stomach throw flips
I backed myself into a wall, unsure of weather I did this.


I'm really sorry as this one took awhile, had but of a writers block:) but I will be trying to update as soon as possible.

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