Chapter 30: Peashy's Mother Revealed

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The Next Day

It was a beautiful day outside. But Neptune was waking up Plutia in a harsh manner.

Neptune: Are you just gonna sleep forever?! Wake up already!
She pulled the covers off to wake Plutie.

Plutia: Mmmm but this bed is so comfyy. Sleepy timeee.
She tugged the pillow next to her head and proceeded to go back to sleep.

Neptune: No~ Wakey time! Or rather go back out on patrol! You can sleep till your dead! Come on!!! She exclaimed pulling the covers off of Plutia. As she pulled the covers off, a pillow hit the book shelve to where Peashy's hand made doll self was.

Neptune realized that she put it there last night. But as the doll fell to the ground, she felt different about it. She walked up to it and picked it up to put it to where it was. She turned around.

Neptune: For real though, get your butt in gear! She said. Nepgear and Midoriya watched the entire thing when the doll fell. She felt worried for her sister because of her relationship with Peashy.

Neptune noticed Nepgear and Midoriya standing by the door.

Neptune: Good morning, Nepgear! Good morning, Midoriya! We'll be leaving at a half hour or so, okay? She reminded her and Midoriya.

Nepgear: Oh, alright Neptune.
She agreed.

Midoriya: O-Ok.
He agreed also.

Nepgear and Midoriya checked in the room to see Plutia getting up. Plutia felt different about Neptune's behavior due to Peashy being gone. Plutia rubbed her eyes.

Plutia: Geez, Neppy is really wearing me out these days.
She rubbed her eyes.

Nepgear: Yeah, the feeling is mutual.
She looked at the hand made Peashy doll. She wondered if she was gone really.

Midoriya (mind): Something tells me that she isn't gone forever.
He thought putting a serious face. He wondered if Peashy's leaving was a ruse.

The day started normally. But Uni was talking to IF on a communication face cam.

Uni: Wait, what? Neptune and Nepgear are both out?
She asked.

IF: Yes. Lately, they been spending out all day, every day out on patrol. They even been waking up early to do so. She said as Uni widened her eyes a bit.

Uni: Neptune isn't sick, is she?
She thought.

IF: Well, if she is, I hope there's no cure.

Compa: By the way, Uni. I was wondering what you were doing in Lowee. She asked.

Uni: I'm just here helping out Rom and Ram. We made some headway. She said as Rom and Ram poke their heads from left and right.

Ram: We were able to track down the satellite down

Rom: Peashy's exact location!
She finished.

IF and Compa both gasped. They knew where Peashy was at.

(Somewhere in the Mountains)

It was a peaceful day. Purple Heart was holding Midoriya with one hand. Midoriya was kinda of shocked that she was this strong. Nepgear was holding Plutia.

Purple Heart: Everything seems in order. For the moment.
She said as she thought it was in order.

Purple Sister: But... Yeah. Certainly looks that way.
She said.

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