When You First Meet Him

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(NOTE : You are four years old in this scenario)

"Are all of your things unpacked?"

I nodded to my mom who's been moving boxes filled with our belongings with my dad as they bring them over inside our new house - which happens to be a two-story house next two an apartment complex in the city of Musutafu.

Originally, we lived in Shibuya, Tokyo but my dad, who's been working as a pro hero for a few years now, found an agency in Musutafu and my mom found a job there as well so we had to move houses.

I had to say good-bye to my old neighbors who are the same age as me and also their parents since they've been so good to me.

I don't know what it will be like living here in Musutafu but I hope I get to meet nice people just like them!

"Yes, mom!", I said with my high pitch voice.

My mom smiled and placed a kiss on my forehead while my dad ruffled my hair.

"Very good, (Y/N). If you want, let's go to the park!", my dad said enthusiastically, "I heard there are kids there your age playing there".

"Really?", I asked innocently, "How did you know?".

"Your mother knows someone who lived here and showed her around", my dad said, "She happens to live in that apartment complex over there next door".

I looked over the apartment complex next door and it had more than three floors.

"She has a son about your age too, dear", my mom said when she arrived, "I think you guys will get along when you meet because he's a really nice boy".

My eyes sparkled and I can feel my excitement building up.

"Yay, now I won't feel left out when I live here", I said and giggled, "Let's go to the park after this!".

My mom giggled while my dad nodded in agreement before both of them continued to fix our belongings.

Just when I was about to go back upstairs to get ready, I saw a boy at the apartment complex that my dad told me about but he disappeared after.

I was astonished but the last memory of how he looked like was his hair color : green and black.


"Here we are!"


We finally arrived in the park and there's even a nearby playground too.

"My, it's good to have a picnic with a nice weather", said my mom and prepared the picnic basket, "Are you hungry already, dear?".

I shook my head and replied, "Not really but can I go to the playground?".

I pointed at the playground nearby and it seems like nobody seems to be using it.

"Okay, dear but be careful, okay?", my mom said and hugged me.

I nodded as I held into my All-Might plushie with excitement.

I forgot to mention that All-Might is my favorite hero of all time and I heard great stories about him from my dad whenever he tucked me into bed.

"Just call me if anything happens. We're nearby anyway", my dad said and smiled.

"Okay, dad!", I said and ran all the way to the playground.

When I arrived, it seems to me that it's just a regular old playground but still a good place to play.

Feeling unsure of what I'm going to do, I decided to go to the jungle gym instead and pretend to be a pro hero just like my dad.


Without looking properly, I accidentally fell on the ground since there was a sturdy part on the ground and it hurt me a little bit.

"O-Oww...", I groaned and feel like tearing up.

"Oh no, are you okay?"

I stopped groaning in pain and turned to see a boy about my age and he had black and green hair with green eyes and he reach out his hand to help me.

I stopped groaning in pain and turned to see a boy about my age and he had black and green hair with green eyes and he reach out his hand to help me

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Oh, it's that boy from the apartment!

"Y-Yes, thank you", I said and took his hand.

Once he pulled me up, his eyes widened and exclaimed with worry, "You're hurt!"

I looked down on my exposed knees since I'm wearing child shorts and I had a small cut on my right knee.


"W-Wait, don't cry!"

The boy showed me a cute smile and took out a band aid from his pocket before he placed it on my injured knee.

"There we go", he said and still smiled at me, "Feeling better?".

I nodded and finally smiled him back with relief.

"Thank you so much", I replied innocently and bowed.

The boy giggled shyly and the moment I saw his shirt, my smile widened in an instant.

"I-Is that an All-Might shirt?!", I said as I pointed at his shirt.

"Y-Yeah!! You like All-Might too-Oh!! You have a plushie of him!", he replied and pointed at the plushie I was holding the whole time.

"Uh huh! My parents and I took a long time to find this one since it's always sold out in the stores", I said and jumped with excitement.

He adored my reaction and his smile started to brighten a bit.

"Wow, that's so cool!! I haven't gotten one yet!", he replied with excitement as well and giggled.

I laughed and said, "Thank you for helping me. I'm (Y/N)(L/N)!".

The boy's cheeks glowed and he looked like kind of flustered but his cute smile was still there.

"O-Oh, nice to meet you! My name is M-Midoriya Izuku!", said the boy named Midoriya in a shy tone, "I hope we become friends!".

Both of us exchanged innocent smiles and thus, starts an amazing yet beautiful friendship.

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