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Sting POV
After talking to Luce on top of the trees I have decided that we are the worst friends ever...
When we got back to camp  Luce got the sleeping bags and instantly fell asleep, Gray and Natsu were talking about Lisanna, oh ya they broke up earlier...
Sorry Lis I don't love you like I did before...
"WHAT"  Lisanna yelled,
"Sorry" was all Natsu said before walking off.
"You were a little harsh" Gray said,
"Yeah, but she deserved it, she has been tricking us all these years, and because of her Luce hates us..." Natsu said getting defensive. After that there was silence, I wonder what Natsu meant as I fell asleep.
The next day 
We packed up our little camp and started back to camp, then I had an idea...
"We're taking a detour" I announced.
"No" Lisanna said plainly,
"You don't have to come sweetheart" Rouge speaks up.
"But we'll get lost without the map" Erza claims,
"Then I guess you have no choice but to compensate." Lector says finally for the first time since the start of the mission breaking his attention from Happy and his antics.
"Hey buddy finally back from your vacation" I say sarcastically.
"What do you mean?" He questioned, well he's not the brightest, but that is why he's my favorite.
"Ok well if we're going with you can you tell us where were going?" Gray asked rather politely which catches me by surprise, but what shocks me more is that when I turn around he is in his boxers and only that.
"Gray your clothes" Luce states sounding rather board. I walk up to him and whispered in his ear...
"Yesterday was the day Luce's mom died so we are taking a detour to Acalypha"
"Oh" he mouths and than glances at Luce apologetically.
He than goes to Natsu and passes on the message who goes to Erz a who goes to Lisanna who goes to Yukino who goes to Rouge.
"I still think this a waste of time" Lisanna mumbles and Erza nods, is that all that girls can do, nod and agree god it's so annoying.
"And i think your a waste of Space and air and Food and, shall I continue or should we call it even" I whisper to her.
Let's just say that this cycle was not discrete, so upon noticing this Luce asks
"Is anyone gonna tell me where we're going or what."
"Nah it's a surprise"
"I bloody hate surprises" she grumbles.
"Aww come on Lu-Chan don't be like that" Yukino says,
I then hear Natsu mumble quietly to Gray,
"I can't believe she is letting someone besides Levy call her that"
"Anything to share flame-brain" Luce asked obviously rather annoyed about how many secrets are being shared without her knowing.
"Well I do have a question" he said dodging her question "are you and Sting or Rouge like together"
"Are you kidding me Yu-Chan and Sting are made for each other and Rouge is falling hard for Min-Chan."
"Oh" he said rather pleased with that answer.
"Are you trying to make a move on her ?!" Lisanna yelled, "you literally just broke up with me"she screeched.
"Calm your tits I'm not making a move on her I hate her so much it's not even funny, I would kill her if I could."
In that moment I saw his eyes gloss over and then clear up after he finished the sentence. Luce just stared in shock and than ran. Yukino ran after her and Gray well he socked Natsu right in the jaw. But Natsu just took it, he didn't fight back or complain. He slumped down a tree and sat there silent starting to tear up.
"She totally deserved that, nice one sweetie" Lisanna said and Erza hummed in agreement.
"No she didn't" Natsu whimpered,
"NO" he yelled "SHE DIDNT!" He was standing now.
"And don't ever call me sweetie again" he said slumping down again. Yukino came back stood in front of Natsu and slapped him, hard.
"Go talk to her" she demanded "alone." When she walked by me she whispered
"Follow me" after following her a little away  she told me this theory with loads of info she gathered over the years that Lisanna was behind this. So after the war the guild started to change and the only people not effected were the exceeds. So she went to the exceeds from Edolas and found out there is a spell that turns all the people one person is extremely close with into the opposite of how they are normally when around that person. So it's kinda like a dual personality, the only flaw is it must be injected by a different person and the people all have to be in the same room when activated. He spell also wears off once the person remembers their old memories.
"So Natsu and Gray remember, but that doesn't explain why Natsu got with Lisanna." I say,
"Well my theory is that the potion does a full 360 on their personality, so Natsu got with Lisanna when Luce was in the room." Yukino states.
"Ok well for now I think we go back to the grave and then we can go back to Sabertooth and request more jobs like this from the magic council to try and reunite Luce with Fairytail." Rouge says.
"How long have you been there?" Yukino asks.
"Long enough for me to understand the situation" he answers.
"M'ay lets go...

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