You Caused Me Pain.So I'll Do the Same


I walk into my best friends house not knowing what i was about to see.

"hello Desi are you here," i shouted. I was soquieti could hear a penny hit the floor. So i when up stairs to check if maybe she was in her room.

I move up the stairs and to her door. " Desi are you in there," but ididn'there anything so i opened the door worried.

I open it to see my best friend and my boyfriend having naked in each others arms. Still notaware that I had walked in. I hadn't said a word yet do to shock of my boyfriend of three years andbest-friendsince first grade were having sex.

Snap out of it you dummy and do somethingmy inner voice said.

" What the fuck is going on" I said my angry building up with each but I tried t stay as calm as possible. they both jumped apart.

"Its not what it looks like Nelly," my exbest-friendsaid to me. Just hearing her voice through thecalmnessi was trying to maintain out the window. I ran across the room the and slapped her in thatwhorishface of hers. " LISTEN YOU BITCH I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IT IS ITS YOU BEING A BIG ASS WHORE ITS YOU HAVING SEX WITH MY MAN SO FUCK YOU," i turned to Dean that was just sitting there like an idiot" AND FUCK YOU."

"And to think that i just came to say bye. My dad got relocated to we are moving tonight to cali but i see that you two will have fun without me." by the end of my little fuck you speech i had tears in my eyes.

I ran out the room anddidn't stoprunning till I was at my house and just drop on the yard in quiet sobs.

That was the last time i was those backstabbers.


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