Chapter 2

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So the rest of the day went by pretty boring. Nothinq to really do. I went outside to go look at the neighborhood I took my new phone with me just in case I got lost. i went down the block when i saw some skater guys my age at the park. They all stared at me like they never seen a girl before. " Hey you, are you new around here?" one boy shouted over to me. "Yeah I am. What's it to you?" he started to walk towards me. He had shaggy dark hair, blue eyes i think. I wasn't completely sure cause his hair covered his eyes. He was wearinq skinnies with a chain on it and a band tee. Wow this guy so is something different. I didn't let down my guard I kept cool. "Hey" he said, "Um hi" I answered back wanted to get out of there.

"So your the new suposeable bad ass that's new to town"

"Yeah i guess that's me hah"

"I kinda thought you were gonna be a guy"

"Oh yeah? Why'd you think that?" I said steppinq closer to him

"Well cause most guys here are the bad asses, most of the girls are preppy and are just bitches" he steped back.

"Well then i probley won't have many girls as friends here then huh?"

"I guess"

I began walkinq away. "Hey wait" he said running behind me.


"Wanna hang out later?"

"Hmm now why would I wanna hanq out with some one who wears their pants tiqhter then I do??"


"Hahaha yes I would love to where do you wanna meet?"

"Here at the park"

"Wouldn't your friends mind?"

"Nah I think they wouldn't mind meetinq a girl who isn't a bitch and is pretty"

"Uh thanks i guess?"

"Why 'i guess'?"

"Cause that's kinda weird complimentinq someone you don't even know"

"Yeah I guess it kinda is"

"But i'll let it go this time only cause your a good lookin guy." I giggled 

"Uh kay so if you could just go back and tell your friends over there to stop drooling cause that is so unattractive, I'm gonna have to go back home anyway i'm tired as *heck*" I started to walk back when he called me again.

"Hey wait what's your name i forgot to ask"


"I like your name, my names Damen"

"Cool, do you have a cell?"


"Put your number in so i can talk to you later"


"Text you later"

"Alright bye i'll meet you again tomorow"

I made my way back home seeinq some girls look at me like I was an alien then turn their back and whisper to their friends. Man thats stupid I mean I saw them whisper to each other god. Well i got home the cook asked me what i wanted to eat. I really wasn't hungry for anything big so i just asked for a sandwich. I ate, thanked him for the sandwich and went into my room took a hot shower and changed into some pj's. i flopped up into my bed. I barley realized there was a tv on the dresser across from my bed. So i layed down and watched tv. By the time Jen and Josh got home I decided to go to sleep i went to say goodnight then went to sleep. They reminded me that tomorows a school day.

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