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David has been gone most of the day but I didn't think to much of it, it's like this most days. I was sitting in the living room watching Netflix when David opened the door with his camera in hand and Jason trailing right behind him. "Hey baby." I said getting up. "Hey." He said giving me a kiss. "Where have you been?" I asked. "Oh, just filming and stuff." He said. I nodded and greeted Jason and then David looked at me. "Y/n, I have a little surprise for you." He said.

"What is it babe?" I asked. "I'm gonna have to blindfold you." He said. I whined and he shook his head at me. I sighed and let him put a blindfold on me. "It's gonna be something bad, I know it." I said shaking a bit. Jason laughed and David chuckled. "Baby, calm down ok? It's nothing bad I promise." He said kissing my neck gently. That little gesture made me get goosebumps. He led me outside somewhere and then we just stopped. "Ready?" He asked. I shook my head no and he laughed. He took off the blindfold and that's when I saw a black Tesla in the driveway. I stood there in shock and looked at David.

He winked and I turned and faced the car. "Haha nice joke, you just got Jason a black Tesla, this is his." I said crossing my arms. "It's not mine, it's yours." Jason said. David held up the little toy like key and handed it to me. "You deserve it y/n." He said. I began to cry and gave David a hug. "David! Look what you did! You made y/n cry!" Jason said. I giggled and laid my head on David's chest. "I know how you've always wanted a Tesla just like me so I decided to get you one, with the help of SeatGeek of course." He said. I chuckled and looked up at him. "You're the best." I said. "I know." Hm said with a cocky grin. I laughed and we walked to the car and I looked inside. It had a white interior like David's which popped out.

"Thank you Davey." I said giving him another hug. "You're welcome princess." He said giving me a kiss on the head. "Now I'm gonna cry." Jason said turning away. We both laughed at him and he laughed as well. "Wanna take it for a spin?" David asked. "Hell yeah!" I said grabbing the key. When the doors opened by themselves I squealed and David laughed. I got in the car and looked at the guys. "See you later bitches!" I said driving away.

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