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Sry for not updating the person who I wrote this with is transferring schools and kinda forgot about this so most of the writing will be mine from this account, let's get started...
Lucy POV
After walking threw the forest for hours with team Natsu not far behind we decided to take a break. We found a nice little clearing at the base of a cliff with a waterfall running off the side. We cleaned up Yukino who had been riding on Stings back and then I summoned Virgo,
"Hey Virgo,"
"Himme(princess), punishment time" she greeted.
I sighed "no, not today or ever, do you have celestial swim suits?"
"Hahah that's so stupid, what the hell" Sting exclaimed laughing at me.
"No it's not" Yukino huffed "I bet they would be cute"
"One moment Himme" Virgo vanished only show up seconds later with garments for all of us, including team Natsu who had caught up at this point.
"Who's stupid now Sting?" I taunted
"Natsu" he answered with all seriousness until I cracked up then he joined followed by Rouge and Yukino.
"Hey do NOT make fun of my boyfriend" Lisanna screeched.
"Possessive much I giggled, can't you take a joke, I thought that's what Fairy Tail is all about. They even treat there members like jokes." I breathed quite quietly, but of course forgetting about the dragons layers so they probably heard me. Honestly I was not feeling in the mood for sympathy so I just walked off saying I was going to change so I can go swim.
God I hate that classic sympathy look, it's the look I had been getting all my life. When my mom died, from my maid and people attending the funeral. Them on my birthday and the people who knew my story. Then when my dad died all I got was sympathy even from my land lady. God if they knew about Aquarius...
No I'm not ruining my mood over this, I walk over to the resting spot to find a load of sticks pilled in the middle of the clearing.
"Hey Luce" Sting yelled earning a glare from Natsu, I don't understand what's got his panties in a knot,
"And so we decided to camp here for the night" he finished. All that I told you is basically all I heard cause I ignored what else he had to say. Rouge, Sting and Yukino all went to change while Lisanna and Erza went out to talk in the forest. So that left me at camp with Gray and Natsu (who had also changed earlier). I was lost in thought staring at the waterfall thinking of Aquarius. I actually spent 6 months looking for her key and wound up at Sabertooth and that's when I decided to join. God, the pool of water looked so peaceful, I stuck my feet in and felt so much nostalgia for  things to go back to the way they were.
Suddenly felt a strong jar on my back as I was shoved into the water. I bobbed back up to the surface to see Sting smirking at me.
"Your an idiot" I Said.
"That's why you hang with me" he beamed back.
"What's got you in such a preppy mood" I asked.
"I asked Yukino out" he beamed.
"Oh finally you guys have been my OPT for so long" I said ecstatically.
"Huh what's that?" Yukino  questioned joining our conversation.
"It means one true pairing you idiot" Lisanna butted in.
"No one asked you 'sweetie'" Sting said pretty angry,
"Yes, and I believe we asked you not to let us see you again in return for saving you?" Rouge said rather profoundly.
"We don't owe you anything" Lisanna jeered back.
"Lis (gag) honey(gag even harder) we owe them our lives" Natsu said.
"Thank you now make like the wind and scram like a good little doggie before Luce here decides to put you down." Sting said batting his eyelashes mimicking Lisanna. She turned and sashayed away, but Natsu stayed put, remember I'm still in the water through all of this. And I was plotting revenge on Sting for pushing me in, but Natsu stepped in front of Sting and bent down to my level holding out his hand to help me out of the water. Of course I was not having this so I grabbed his hand and before he could hoist me up, I pulled him into the water, then I of course pulled myself out of the water and pushed Sting in. I then trapped them in the pool together with one of my most recent spells I was learning. It was a dome that mimicked the sky, so to them it looked like the sky was all around them and to us it looked like a dome. It was a one sided mirror.  Yukino snickered as we saw Sting try and explain what was happening to Natsu. After a few minutes I dropped the barrier and got in with them. The moment I got in Natsu grabbed my waist and hoisted me under water like he used when we were in the guild.
What is happening.
He hated me just earlier...
Then I remembered what he said when we were trapped with Jose.
Then he stopped...
he stopped struggling arguing and he looked sad...
I'm the one who should be sad, today I was supposed to wallow, but no we had a job and so here I am.
We bobbed back up to the surface, Natsu let go of me and we pretended like nothing ever happened.
Thankfully no one else noticed what happed as they were all having there own fun. (Not like that you Little dirty-minded Asses)
We all hung out in the pool til the stars came out, it was a clear night and we could see the stars, when I looked up I saw the Aquarius star sign and gasped. I started to tear up before anyone could notice I went underwater and came back up and quickly told the the others that I was going to go. I ran passed the clearing strait into the woods climbing up a tree and sitting there, I sat for what seemed like forever. I thought about my mom and dad and I thought bout Loki, and then I thought about my old team before the war and how much fun we had. Then I thought about Natsu and Aquarius. My two best friends that I had lost, but no matter how hard I tried just couldn't get back. I thought about my favorite quote...
Friends are like stars
You don't always see them but
You know there always there
I know Aquarius is out there somewhere I will get her back, as for Natsu I think that that's impossible right now. I heard a screech and a cry that sounded like Lisanna, but I didn't care. I thought for a long time more at least an hour before I heard a rustling in the trees, Sting poked his head up upon seeing me he smiled.
"Hey " he said in almost a whisper.
"Hi" I said in a groggy voice, he pushed himself up all the way, he crawled over to me carefully and wiped tears from my eyes I didn't know were there. He then poked his head down and shouted,
"Guys I found her."
"M'kay" I heard Yukino call.
"We're coming up" I heard Rouge say. Yukino and Rouge came up to the top of the forest and rushed crawled over to me upon seeing my pink and puffy eyes. I giggled at the way she hurried over carefully.
"Hey" she whispered rubbing my back,
"Hi" I responded horsely. She pulled me into a tight hug for a few minutes we just sat there like that, before Sting coughed. Yukino pulled away
"Look Luce we have given you space since we came on this trip, but you need to talk to us" Rouge said rather bluntly.
"Rouge," Sting scowled before saying "but he is right."
"Ya Lu-Chan you can talk to us" Yukino added only making me feel guilty, they were such amazing friends they didn't deserve this. This drama and my friendship. They deserved the moon but would never ask for it...
"暗闇の中で友達と歩くことは、光の中で一人で歩くことよりも優れています" I say.
"Huh" Sting asked.
"It was something my mom used to tell me, she said, walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light" I choke out a sob,
"Today is the day she died" I whisper
"Oh my fucking God Lucy and you went to work!" (O_O) Rouge yelled, Rouge barely ever swears, except when he's mad. He doesn't really get shocked, yet there he was as surprised as they come. I nodded,
"I just hate being alone on this day" I gulped "and you guys kept going on about this important job," I chocked out,"and if i can save lives or help someone out, I'm gonna do it, no matter what the price." I finished.
"You know we all deserve to be selfish some times" Sting says after a moment of silence. "But that's just not you Luce, I can't figure out what drives you." Yukino clings to me then leans against Sting, when I leant back I nearly fell until Rouge caught me and carried me down the trees bridal style back to camp. Upon arriving I summoned Virgo to grab the sleeping backs I gave to her to store in the celestial world. I crawled into mine and fell asleep so tired from the hecktet day. As i was falling asleep though I heard Natsu and Gray talking a little away and heard that Natsu had actually broken up with Lisanna and that was what the screech I heard earlier was.

Thanks for reading this chapter, I'll update soon.

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