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3000 years ago...

The Gods never witnessed a rebellion like this before, and not in such great magnitude, but, of course, they saw it coming.

A synchronized beating of drums boomed from across all continents, as everyone joined in solidarity, ushering in the new world order. The Goal: Out with the old gods and in with the new.

The mortals had enough of them.

Shouting and protesting echoed under a twinkling night sky. Precious relics crumbled to the ground as mortals marched on, destroying everything in their path. Some say even the animals joined in on the action.

A rebellion this big deserved a medal. Or at least told as true stories through future generations, but like all history, it eventually becomes a myth. The Gods made sure of it while they sat back and observed the savagery of all humans coming together to overthrow them.

Some of the gods laughed the mortals for trying, making note of all the rebels for future reference. They also made note of all their faithful supporters.

When the Gods had enough of the rebel savages, fire rained down from the heavens, destroying the rest of what was left standing on earth. But not before sending ships, planes, and other out-worldly transportation to all their loyal supporters. Their worshippers varied from natives and magicians to pirates and royal families.

Every last one of their supporters left their old lands in pursuit of something new. Some called it blind faith, but the Gods called it, Imira.

Under the depths of earth's core, a new land emerged from the ocean--Imira, the 'ninth continent' of the world. The worshippers cheered, feasting their eyes on what the Gods created for their obedience.

However, all good things come with a price.

In exchange for new land, protection, advance technology, and saving them from a fiery doom, the Gods requested a few things. First, the worshippers had to honor them with harvests, festivals, balls, etc. Second, the Gods could intervene in their daily lives for good or ill-will. Four, never rebel against the gods or else. Finally, never cross the invisible barrier between Imira and the seven continents.

There's one more thing left out of history: The rebels who started the rebellion. Their names were Orion and Grid. Two soulmates destined to be together for many lifetimes on earth, until one day a God intervened. The details are a little sketchy, but one thing led to another, and the God who interfered cursed them, and their future lives. The curse: Sentenced to roam the earth as star-crossed lovers forever.

Some say the rebellion wasn't started to overthrow the gods, but to dethrone one god who intervened, Venus-The Love Goddess.



~ I'm blending Three Worlds/Genres together: SciFantasy; PirateAdventure; and Mythology w/ a twist.

~ Currently there are two main characters with different Point-of-Views.

Thanks for checking out Orion's Grid. Also, this book is a complete work of fiction created by my wild imagination.

That's all for now...

So let's raise our glasses and make a toast ...To The Gods!

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