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Madhu was all decked up and apprehensively looking out the window waiting for her bharaat to arrive. As the time ticked away her heart beats increased. She wished she could talk to him once before the wedding and tell him why she had to tell her parents about their affair. Could she call it an affair even? It was a one night stand. She had been in love with him since higher secondary. Even after he had passed out and joined college, she had continued to love him. Then couple of years later, when it was time for her to join college and she had joined his college. On the fresher's day when he started flirting with her, she had let her love lead her and slept with him. it was the most magical night of her life as they made passionate love all night long but he had went on with his life right after that while she... she had to tell him why she told her parents. When she told her mother about it, her father had gone to his house and threatened him to marry her or get arrested for having sex with a minor. She had been just 17 years and 360 days old then. Within a day her marriage was fixed with him and now she was dressed up as a bride. She had tried to call him and talk to him but he refused to talk to her, she wanted to tell him before the wedding that she didn't trap him. She had to do what she did. Madhu gently caresses her stomach where their baby was growing. She was already four months pregnant and had started showing too, but her lose clothing had hid her condition from everyone including her parents. She never told them, she wanted to tell him first. 

Madhu turns to look at the clock, it was way past 7:45, she was supposed to get married at 7. She knew he didn't want to marry her but would he abandon her at the alter? Would he do that to a girl? Won't he even come to tell her that he won't marry her? Won't he even give her a chance to explain to him why she did what she did? She had her answer when she hears a loud commotion from down and loud wailings of her mother. Madhu falls to the ground as tears fell from her eyes, she and her baby had no one now. 

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