You Get Mad At Him .

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Ahh I didn't know what too write about but I thaught of this ?

... Enjoy d:

Zayn :

You heard the front door too your apartment unlock . Zayn was spending the night , so you assumed it was him . " Hey Babe , I missed you " You hugged him and kissed him on the cheek . " Aww , me too " Zayn went too your room and unpacked his stuff . " Hey Zayn ! You wanna watch a movie ? " You yelled too him up stairs . " Uhh yeah sure " You went too make popcorn and ran too get pillows and blankets . Zayn bought you two some lemonade . You two settled down on the couch and immidietly got comfortable . Zayn picked out a movie called " Friends With Benefits " You weren't really into those types of movies , but you let it slide . It finally came down too the part where they were gonna sleep together . You pulled your blanket over your eyes too cover your vision . " Babe what are you doing ? " Zayn laughed . " Zayn , you know I don't like these types of movies " He continued laughing " Y/N , you act like you've never done it " Your heart sank . Your vision blurred and you could feel the tears stream down your cheeks . " Your just like Jason " You got up and ran too your room . Jason was your boyfriend of 2 months , you thaught he was " The One " but he only wanted you for sex . As soon as you slept with him he dumped you . You slammed the door too your room and slid down . " Y/N ? Babe , im sorry you know I didn't mean it like that please open the door " You cried even harder " Zayn you know how I feel about that subject ! " " I know I'm sorry . Please open the door ? " You went too get his stuff from your bed . You opened the door and he started talking " Y/N , im so sor- " You cut him off by throwing his stuff at him . " Theres a strip club in a couple of blocks ! Have fun ! " You slammed the door and went too sleep . Then next morning you found Zayn asleep infront of your door .

( AN : Btw im not finishing where they make up kay ? Kay . )

Harry :

You and Harry were on your way too your parents house for your dad's birthday . You were kinda nervous for Harry , but he said he wasn't nervous . You got too your parents house and it was all lovely decorated . " Hi mom " You hugged your mom . " Happy Birthday Daddy ! " You ran too give your dad a big hug while Harry was still greeting your mom . " Happy Birthday Sir . " Harry shook your dad's hand . After a couple of hours Harrys seemed too really get along with your family. Most of your family was there and they were currently eating dinner . They asked you and Harry if you wanted wine , you politely said no and rather got a soda . But Harry unlike you of course said yes ! He was on his 8th refill and started sluring his words . " Harry , behave ! Now's not the time " He looked so out of it . " uhh a-alright baby " he squeezed your thigh reasuring you . Your family started asking him about his music career , " Ohh yes . I love music ! Me and Y/N are gonna make some music when we get home " He said winking at you . Your parents eyes went huge ! You almost spit out your drink . " Uh will you excuse us really quick ? " You excused your self and immidietly took Harry too the hallway . " Harry what the hell is wrong with you ?! " You could feel your cheeks heat up , you were furious . " What babe , I love you " He tried kissing you but you immidietly pushed him away . " No Harry ! Your going home . " " What about you ? " You rolled your eyes " Im staying here , im beyond pissed off at you for embarassing me infront of my parents " You pulled out your cellphone too call him a cab " No babe ! Im sorry ! " he apologized , but he was drunk and honestly didn't know . A couple minutes later the cab came too take him home . You were still mad , but you felt kinda sad for making him go home . But he desereved it for what he said .

Liam :

Liam was currently doing a twitcams that had like a bajillion views . You were next too him not in view , but close too him . You were on twitter tweeting back some fans . " Okay , Im gonna answer some questions ! " Liam smiling into the camera . You got in view of the camera and fans quickly asked you questions . There was a particular one Liam read out loud " Y/N ! Whats the most embarrassig thing you've done infront of Liam ?! " Liam laughed and looked at you . " Im not answering that ! " you stuck your toungue out at the camera and laughed . Fans kept asking you too please tell them . You got up too you the restroom and when you came back you heard Liam say " and thats what I think the most embarrassing thing shes done is " laughing . Your eye's went wide and you immidietly ran too see the comments . " wow , I cant believe she wet the bed ! " It was trending on Twitter also ! You were beyond mad , how could he do that too you ?! You looked at him , you could feel your face heat up from anger . " Really Liam ? " You simply shook your head and walked too your room . You heard him say bye too fans , but that didnt matter . " Y/N ? Babe ? Where are you going too ? " You took out a big purse and packed whatever you could . " Babe ? " you walked right by him . " Liam . Do you not understand what you did ?! You embarrassed me Liam ! Fans already hate me , you just gave them another reason too tease me now too ! " And with that you walked out of his apartment and drove too your friend's house .

Niall :

It was around 3 Am and you were still up waiting for Niall too come home . You heard the front door open and saw Niall walk in . " Niall Horan . Do you know what time it is ?! " As soon as he walked in you could smell the alcohol . " Niall , were you drinking and driving ? " You stood there in shock . " Y/N lighten up ! I only had a couple ! Chill ! " You took a step back trying too understan what he said . " Niall . Chill ? Lighten up ? Do you not understand my sister was killed by a drunk driver !? And you have the guts too say chill ? " You saw his face sober up . " Y/N , babe im sorry . I forg- " You cut him off . " No Niall , im not putting up with this " You walked too yours and Niall's room and slammed the door . You could hear him muttering too himself and cussing , but you were beyond angry too talk .

Louis :

You were getting ready for yours and Louis' 5 month anniversary . You had made a special dinner and bought 2 tickets too his favorite band . You were just about done when you felt your phone vibrate . " Hey Girlfriend ;D Dont wait up on me , im going out wit the guys . Love you xx " You thaught it was a joke , you called him too see if he was actually playing . " Hey Babe , did you get my message ? " He asked through the phone . You could hear Liam and Niall laughing in the back ground . " Louis do you know what today is ? " He stayed quiet for a while " Umm Thursday ? " You sarcastically laughed a little " Hmm yeah Louis its just another thursday . Im not even gonna try . Good bye " You hung up and went too change for bed . Your phone rang , it was Louis . " Y/N ! Im sooo sorry its our anniversary ! Babe im sooooo sorry ! " You rolled your eyes " No Louis , its just another thursday ! Dont even bother coming home stay at Liam's ! " You hung up and went too take a bath , you were just hurt and mad at the fact that he forgot .

Ughhhh ! Sorrrrrrryyyyyyyyy ! This one was T O T A L L Y ! Crappy >.

& sorry I havent updated ! I havent had any inspiration too write .-.

My 1 week anniversary is tomorrow lol uhh . Okay .

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