Why me

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I need a new heart. Not a lot of people know that though. The most time I have is five years but that's rare. I almost died last year because of it. But ever since then I decided to just go for what I want.

It was a regular day at school. Next week was prom and I still had nobody to take. Their was a bunch of people that wanted to take me but I only wanted to go with one person. That person was Katie McGrath. She moved here last year but she's pretty popular. I had a crush on her ever since I saw her. She was the only person that made me forget everything that's happening to me.

But when she first got here I showed her around the school. She didn't talk very much at first but as the school year went on she got less shy. The only time we actually talk is in one class and that's only because we are partners.

But she was the only one I wanted. I need to get her alone so I can ask her. Just as I thought that there she was sitting on the steps by herself reading a book. I knew that was the perfect time to go ask her so I walked up to her.

"Hey Katie I have a question and you can totally say no" I said sitting down next to her. "Sure what is it" she said not looking up from her book. "I just wanted to know if um you wanted to go to prom with me". Looking up from her book fast and blushing a little she said "why me almost everybody in the school wants to take you and of all people you ask me, why".

"Because um..... never mind I shouldn't have asked" I said getting up but she pulled me back down. "Wait I never said I didn't want to go. But do you actually like me or are you just taking me for some other reason". "No I'm just taking you because I lost a bet" I said sarcastically. "Oh ok" she said sadly. "Oh my gosh I was being sarcastic I'm sorry. But no I um do actually like you. Do you like me". "I mean yeah who wouldn't like you your popular but not mean to anyone you stuck up for people that you don't even know. And your really smart and your beautiful and you care about people." She said her words slightly making me blush.

"Ok so I'll see you later". "Yeah". "Ok bye". "Bye".

We went over to each other's houses everyday until prom. We wanted to plan what we were going to wear and spend time together.

Prom night
After our parents forced us to take a bunch of pictures with them we left. When we got in the car I turned to her and said "I didn't say anything yet but your really beautiful". "Thank you". Then we drove off.

The night was going pretty good until she left to go get some food. As soon as she left this other girl walked over and sat in her spot. This was the 4th person tonight every time Katie got up someone else took her spot.

"Hey". "Hey". "You want to dance". "No id rather dance with the person I came with" I said annoyed. "Oh I saw who you came with and let's be honest you don't actually like her and if your with me I'll guarantee you'll have fun". "Listen here I'm going to be honest with you I like her more than everybody at this school and for you to judge her without knowing her is a bitchy move I don't know why your sitting here in the first place get lost I don't even know who you are". "Come on it's not like your actually dating". "Just wait there for one minute I'll be back".

I walked up towards where Katie was she was putting food on a plate for us. "Hey Katie you need to answer this fast so I can do something do want to be my girlfriend". "Yeah". "Cool so mind if I go tell everyone". "Sure I guess". "I promise I'll come back and explain don't think that I don't want you to be my girlfriend though because I do". "Ok".

I walked back to where that girl was. "Now pay attention because I'm only going to say this once". I got up on the table and got everyone's attention. Then I said "Listen here everyone this will only take a moment I am dating Katie McGrath and if you don't know who that is then your dumb. So stop asking me to dance with you or go somewhere with you I'm not interested I only want one person and that's the girl I'm dating so leave me alone thank you". Then I got back down from the table but the girl didn't leave she was still sitting there.

"Will you leave can you not take the message I don't want you I'm not interested". Without another word he got up and left. I was never that rude to people but when it can to Katie I want people to leave me alone and just let me be with her.

Shortly after me saying that Katie walked back to her seat. "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you I'm just tired of people trying to take me away from you all night I don't want them and I have to keep telling them that". "It's ok". "Can we talk when prom is over I need to tell you something". "Yeah sure".

Once prom was over I took Katie home but I asked her to stay in the car so I could tell her what I needed to.

"Ok I don't really know how to word this but let me first start by saying that you can break up with me after I tell you because it's a lot and you don't need to deal with it. I need a new heart. Not a lot of people know that and if you do decide to break up with me it's ok just please don't tell people I want to live a normal life I don't want people to treat me different because I need a new heart. But my heart gets weaker everyday and I was going to tell you before I asked you out but I figured one day being your girlfriend was better than never being it at all. And do not stay with me just because you feel bad because I've delt with worse". Yes because me of all people has fallen in love for someone when I could die soon but she can't know the love part . Why me.

"Y/n I still like you nothing has changed so we will do what we can while we still have time. Yeah and then I'll get attached more then I already am but I love her. So whatever you want to do we can do". "Are you serious your not just saying that to make me feel better because it's ok don't feel like yo.." I got cut off by soft lips on mine. "Does that answer your question". "Not quite I might need more reassurance". Then she kissed me longer than she did before. "Now if you want you can spend the night and can borrow some of my clothes or you can go home". "Well what do you want". "You should stay come on".

Then we went inside.

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