Camping Intro

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         Brian walked in the front doors of the studio to hear yelling and arguing. He let out a heavy sigh already not wanted to go into the booth where his fellow band mates were. He took a deep breath and opened the door. Deaky sat on a couch with his bass beside him while watching  Roger and Freddie who were nose to nose fighting over god knows what. "What did I miss?" Brian asked setting Red Special next to Deaky's bass. "They have been doing this for at least an hour and I'm ready to go home." Deaky said making the "-_-" face.

"Maybe we need a break away from this place, only for a weekend or something." Brian suggested.  "Where would we go Bri, It's not like there is a forest around that we could just go camping in or something." Deaky said looking to the floor. Suddenly they both looked at each other and smiled.  None of the boys had ever been camping before but It didn't seem all that difficult, you build a tent, make a fire and explore the calm woods, how hard could that be? I mean they were rock stars after all, nothing could stop them!

"And just who made you the leader of the group?" Roger shouted disrupting Brian and Deaky's thought process. "I'm not the leader, I just happen to know good songs with potential from bad ones about cars! I mean really Roger, is that the best you could have done?!" Freddie shouted back. "You already agreed to but it on the album! Do not make me go back into the cupboard because I will!" Roger said back.

"Girls, could we please put this fight on hold, I have an idea." Brian said standing up. "I have an idea, how about you shut up Brian!" Roger yelled. "Children please, tHerE iS onLY rOoM iN ThiS BaND fOr oNe HYsTeRiCaL  QuEeN." Freddie said smirking to Deaky who let out his small and adorable giggle. ( UwU's all around)

"Just listen you adorable twat." Brian said swatting Roger's arm. "I think we should take a Vacation away from the studio together for a few days, the stress of getting this album ready is going to give us all sheer heart attacks, and It's driving me slightly mad." Brian exclaimed to everyone else who nodded in agreement.

"Where?" Roger asked. "Disco boy was think a camping trip." Brian responded. Suddenly Freddie ran over to stand in front of Deaky, wrapping his hands around the smol boi from behind, shielding him from the other three. "You think that I'm going to let my precious boy into the woods unarmed and without cheese on toast?! Brian, I think you have gone slightly mad from all the pressure you've been under."

(Idk whether to laugh or cry at these puns anymore)

"It's not like I'm throwing him out there alone, we would all be out there together, to think of clear our minds and get fresh ideas for the album." Brian said. "We would get two tents and would use a car to get to the camping spot." "We aren't using my car, I would never put it through that kind of pain, all that dirt and nature." Roger said scrunching up his nose.

"Your car gets the best gas mileage so yes we are." Brian said pushing past Roger to put Red Special in it's case. "Lets clean up our shit and leave." Brian then told the other three. "Guess Mother Brimi is back." Freddie Whispered to Deaky who nodded in agreement. Over his shoulder Brian shot Freddie a cold glare that said "Get your ass moving." Freddie chuckled nervously and ran off with Deaky following behind.

Once Brian was done, the other three were already in the lobby bickering. "Why can't we just take Deaky's car, you will all get mine dirty!" Roger yelled at both Freddie and Deaky. "Why would we get it dirty, its not like were rat kings!" Deaky said back, but not yelling, Deaky doesn't yell. They day the world runs out of cheese on toast will be the day Deaky yells, but for now he just speaks occasionally and that's that. ^-^

"You expect all of us to PERRFEHCT before you even attempt-" "Oh don't be so fucking ridiculous!" Roger interrupted. "ENOUGH!" Brian shouted. The three instantly felt a foot shorter as Brian stepped closer to them. Deaky and Roger both ran to try and get behind Freddie but Deaky go there first. Roger tried to shove him out of the way but instead Freddie shoved Roger for trying to touch his baby boy.

"NO ONE TOUCHES WHAT'S MINE!" Freddie boomed. Roger swallowed thickly as Brian spoke up. "Listen up! I'm tired of you all bickering, enough is enough, now behave or your all grounded!" Brian yelled pointing his finger with authority. "I am not your mother and your not childrens so why must you always fight like children?!" Brian yelled.

"Because it's fun!" Roger said jumping up and shoving Freddie while almost knocking John over. "YOU ALMOST KNOCKED JOHN OVER YOU TART!" Freddie screamed. Freddie then tackled Roger to the floor while the blonde grabbed Freddie's face trying to push him away while using is falsetto to hopefully temporary take away Freddie's hearing. Mother Brimi had had enough.

Brian grabbed both men by the ear, forcing them to get up. He put Freddie in one corner and Roger in the other. "You will stay here until I return with the car and my luggage, then and ONLY THEN, may you leave those spots, talk or even look at each other." "This is bullshit!" Freddie said turning around. Brian rushes over to him turned him around and pushed him against the wall.

"Damn Bri, I didn't know you were batting for the other team." Freddie smirked. Brian kneed Freddie in the groin making him groan while Brian shot Roger a wink and a smirk making the blonde turn back around and blushed.

Brian walked up to Deaky and said "If you keep them in check while I'm gone, I'll give you the front seat in the car and you get first dibs on whatever food I buy." "Okay" Deaky said flashing his bright smile and chuckling a Brian who smiled back and gave his floofy head a pat. Freddie immediately turned around with fire in his eyes but quickly turned back around when Brian started speed walking over to him.

"Remember, no talking to each other or turning around." Brian said before opening the door and leaving. "He never said we couldn't talk to Deaky." Freddie chucked from the corner. "And no talking to Deaky." Brian said opening the door and sticking his head in.

"Fuck." Freddie said. "No talking." Deaky said. "Or what? Do I get a punishment?" Freddie said batting his eyelashes and smiling innocently. "Yeah, from Brian and it won't be the kinky kind of punishment." Deaky said with a sly smirk. Freddie turned around with a frown.

This was going to be one hell of a vacation.

I won't fully release the entire series until I have it completely written or else the updates will be very slow and I hate waiting for things as I'm sure most people do. 😂

I love you all and thank you for reading!

-Callie 💜

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