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Haya made her way to the showers. She needed to get rid of the sweat all over her body and change back into her uniform. When she had finished drying her hair, she walked back into the school halls. A look of surprise overtook her features when she noticed three clubs lined up together. She skipped the cooking club and moved onto the next. Looking up at the name, she shrugged. Drama Club.

A groan slipped past her lips when no one was inside. Neither was anyone in the second club, the Occult club. She decided just to make her way to the main entrance where she remembered seeing a couple of club posters.

She looked at the bright posters. Martial arts, huh? She shook her head. Too much work. Photography? Now, that interested her. But then she thought, there's not much to do than hold a camera. With a sigh, she looked at the rest. Most of them sucked. Hold that, pretty much all of them sucked.

She was about to turn around and walk out of school until a small piece of paper caught her eye. It was underneath the giant A2 posters. Please join the Gaming club. A smile crept at her lips. I guess I could join that one.

So she walked up the stairs. She reached her classroom and peeked around from behind the stairs. She really did not want to bump into Hana. She sighed in relief at the empty hallways and walked outside. She passed by a room with red curtains on its windows. She ignored her curiosity when she noticed five students in white uniforms. They must be the student council.

She walked past the room and found a library. Her eyes widened in delight. She went inside the room and looked at the wondrous variety of books. Can I just take one and read it? There was no librarian or anything. I should probably ask before I do anything, she told herself. She walked outside and found a student playing the guitar on a chair and a row of clubs.

Haya walked up to the girl. "Hi," she smiled politely. "I'm Haya Saito. I was wondering if you know where the gaming club is?"

"Sup! I'm Gita Yamahato! The gaming club is right down the hall." She stood up and pointed in the direction of the clubs.

Haya gave her a smile and walked past the clubs.

Art club. I think the whole room would end up covered in paint. Music. They'll probably have their eardrums burst from my horrendous playing. But it does look cool.

She had a little debate in her mind. I should check it out. Momma would love it if I joined a music club. Maybe they can teach me how to play? So she walked inside and found a girl sitting with a red electric guitar. She had black hair with red streaks and a treble clef hair clip in it.

"Hello?" Haya shyly walked inside. "I'm Haya Saito."

"Yo!" Haya received a warm smile. She felt a bit relieved at that. "I'm Miyuji Shan," she gave the brunette a peace sign. "How can I help?"

"I just wanted to know about your club."

"We're the Light Music Club! Well, the name's a bit outdated," Miyuji shrugged. "Last year, we only did mood music - you know, the stuff you hear in elevators? But this year, we switched our focus to rock music! We're not just a club, we're a band - the Strawberry Thieves! There's room for one more, if you'd like to join!" Miyuji explained.

"I'm not that good," Haya mumbled, a small blush on her face, looking down.

"It's okay if you don't have any experience - we'll help you get the hang of things! When we put on a show, tons of people show up! And if you can put on a good performance, everybody will absolutely adore you! Just between you and me, it's the fastest way to get popular at school!" Miyuji gave her a wink.

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