Love Is Blind [1]

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Ok, So this is chapter one. I had this story idea about a girl coming out of an abusive relationship and having her life change for the best. Please enjoy!!!! :-)

Chapter One.

Sweat poured down my back as I sat in the hard plastic chair. The plaisely green walls were making me nauseous, and my heart was pounding in my chest. Will it hurt? How does it work? Could I die? My stomach fluttered nervously, and i fought to keep my breakfast down.

"Ms. Davis? The doctor will see you now," the receptionist voiced. She eyed me warily, probably wondering if I would pass out or not. I swallowed hard and nodded. Getting up, I realized how stiff my body was and tried to relax.


The tension in my muscles was extreme and I thought maybe taking a deep breath would help.

Double not.

I walked down the hall that the receptionist pointed towards, and began to panic. Getting an abortion never crossed my mind. But I had no choice. What made it all worse, was that I had to do it alone.

I reached room 227 and went in, shutting the door firmly behind me. Stowing my messenger bag by the door, I saw the hospital gown laid out on the bed and took that as a hint to go and put it on. I sighed, picking it up and went into the bathroom to change.

I moved quickly, not wanting to keep the doctor waiting in case he or she came in. Movement caught my attention, and I realized it was just my reflection. My usually well-kept chocolate hair, was wlid at the of my head in a sloppy bun. My green eyes were bright with fear and panic. I always thought that I was pretty, but I've never had the greatest self-esteem.

I went back out into the room and sat on the bed, fiddling with a loose string on the gown. My thoughts reverted back and forth between my decision. Did I really want to do this? Take away an innocent life? Or should I make both our lives hell and keep something I don't want. Also, bring an innocent life into this environment. Those last two statements sobered me up, just as a pretty female doctor walked in.

"Hi, Ms. Davis. I'm Dr. Fenton and I'll be doing your procedure today. Do you have any questions?" I had plenty, but I kept my mouth shut and fought the urge to jump down from that table and run.

"Um, no. I'm fine. Let's just get this over with," I breathed, through clenched teeth. The sensation to scream was very dominant in my brain.

"Ok, well lay back for me and prop your legs up on the levers. Now, I'm going to give you something for pain and during this entire precedure, you will feel a lot of pressure," Dr. Fenton stated. I nodded and just laid back, staring at the flecks on the ceiling, wishing I was anywhere but here...

I called a cab and headed home. Apparently, it isn't safe to drive after the procedure. My parents were probably at the hospital cutting into someone's brain. By the time I got home, it was going on five o'clock. My sister was in her room when I got there. Apparently, I was correct on my parents not being home, just not their location.

"They went to one of their friends' vacation house," was all she said. Hadley and I are close, but sometimes we just sit in a comfortable silence.

I got a strawberry banana yogurt from the fridge and sat on the couch, flipping on the TV to iCarly.

"Where were you today?" Hadley mimicked my actions and plopped down on the couch beside me, dipping her finger into my yogurt.

"I, uh, went to the clinic. I wasn't feeling too well," I lied smoothly, avoiding eye contact.

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