C H A P T E R 4 teaser

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Of course, I was shocked

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Of course, I was shocked.

I mean he just up out of nowhere kisses ME!

"Kiss back, Baby Girl,", he whispers, his lips still against mines.

I kiss back with just as much vigor. His tongue slips out of his mouth, licking my bottom lip, asking for entrance.

I decline the offer to see how far he goes.

His hand grips my ass and fight not to gasp. I've read a lot of Wattpad books...

He takes its 15 steps further by shoving his hands down my pants and into my Purple PINK panties and slowly starts to rub my clitoris.

I gasp and he takes he chance to dead ass shove his tongue down my throat. I moan at the sensation of my 'princess parts' being fondled and his tongue massaging my own.

He moves to my neck as he takes his middle fingers and actually sticks his fingers inside of me.

"So. fucking. tight.", he groans against my neck.

I mean...

Where the lie tho?

He continues his assault until the tardy bell rings

By that time, I had came all over his fingers.

He slowly takes his hand out of my pants and I see that it is dripping with my juices.

He takes a finger and sticks in his mouth slowly sucking on it while looking me deep in my eyes.

"Come taste yourself.", he says.

I slowly move my head towards his fingers and I take one in mouth.

I look at this seductress in shock.

I watch and feel as her tongue wraps and twirls around my digits. Treating it as it was my dick.

I slowly take my finger out of her mouth and watch as the little string of saliva that connects her mouth to my finger.

I claim her mouth once again. I feel as she moans against my mouth, and smirk.

We keep kissing until I hear the bell ring for first period.

I groan against her lips, "We'

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