60: Marriage

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"God, I need a vacation." Scott groaned as he shoved his textbook away and ran his hands through his messy hair, a yawn escaping his lips and causing Mitch to chuckle as he wrapped his arms around Scott from behind. "This sucks,"
"Can I help you study?"
Scott shook his head, "its just an essay I have to write based on this case study. I also have to study for my finals.. and for the BAR exam.. and apply for jobs.. and also figure out how to not lose my mind in the process."
Mitch shook his head, "You're so close to finishing school, Scottie. You're on your last stretch," he reminded, his fingers tilting Scott's chin up so Mitch could lean down and kiss him. "I believe in you,"
Scott smiled, "thank you, baby. That really means the world to me. Where are the kids, by the way?"
"Sleeping; it's nearly midnight."
Scott looked at his watch, and then at the windows, his eyes wide when he realized how late it was. "I didn't realize I had spent so much time studying. I missed dinner, didn't I? Why didn't you call me?"
"I didn't want to bother your studies. Are you hungry? I made lasagna,"
"Starving, now that you mention it. Are you going to bed?"
Mitch shook his head, following Scott into the kitchen and preparing a plate for him. "Want to watch a movie while you eat?"
"I'd love to," Scott sat in the living room and thanked his boyfriend with a kiss when he was handed a plate full of food. "God, I am so excited,"
"Food!" Mitch chuckled, shaking his head as Scott excitedly started to eat his meal, his shoulders shaking back and forth slightly as he danced in place. "So good," he moaned and Mitch snorted, getting comfortable as he eventually found a movie for them to watch on the living room television screen. "I can't believe I'm married to a chef,"
Mitch smirked, quirking an eyebrow as he glanced at Scott. "Married? Since when?"
Scott shrugged, "we're practically married at this point,"
"I mean, you have yet to ask, so..." Mitch turned back to the screen, "maybe I don't want to spend forever with you,"
Scott rolled his eyes, "oh yeah? I think having my name tattooed on your wrist says otherwise,"
Mitch smiled, "it's a drunk tattoo that got covered up,"
"With a tattoo design I chose out. You're losing this argument, babe," Scott teased back, setting his plate on the table and taking a sip of his drink. When he glanced up again, he saw Mitch bite his lip and look away. "You alright? You know I'm just messing around, right? I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings in anyway,"
Mitch quickly shook his head, "no, I know; I'm fine,"
"Then what's wrong? Is— is us not being married yet upsetting you?"
Mitch shook his head again, "no, you know how I feel about marriage. I just— I don't know. I don't really care for the label of being married, but I—" he motioned with his hands and made a face. "I don't know. I'm moody and tired; ignore me,"
Scott chuckled then, pulling Mitch close and kissing his cheek. "What's up? Talk to me, babe,"
"Its literally nothing; like, it makes me sound like a child," when Scott just raised an eyebrow, Mitch let out a heavy sigh and looked away. "I don't care for marriage but like.. I kind of want people to know you're taken."
Scott's grin returned, "Is possessive Mitchie coming back again? I love this!" Mitch rolled his eyes and Scott peppered kisses around his face, cupping his cheeks.
"Leave me alone,"
"Literally never. Listen, you know I want to be with you forever, but if you're not ready for marriage, then I totally understand and respect your decisions. But, if you want to get engaged now and hold the wedding off for a few years, then I'm okay with that too."
Mitch leaned into Scott's arms, "I think I'm just being moody again. I'll get over it,"
Scott just shook his head, kissing Mitch's temple. "You're so annoying, you know,"
Mitch met Scott's lips, his hand on Scott's, "you're the one to talk, Blondie."
Scott nuzzled his cheek, "I love you."


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