chapter seven

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Third person pov

It was Izuku's birthday and bakugou, shouto and thier son Akemi were planing a small party with some of thier friends such as kirishima, Kaminari, iida and ochako

Akemi and shouto were currently at the store buying presents for deku while Katsuki was distracting him

"Dad can I get this for papa?"Akemi askes while holding up a toy car

"You may like that but I don't think that is something papa wants " shouto replies

"Okay.." Akemi says with a frown as he puts the car down

"Akemi look at me" shouto softly said

"Yes dad.." he replied

"Maybe if your a good boy and eat all of your vegetables I can buy you the car"

Akemi instantly cheers up "really dad!"

"Mhmm now let's find an actual gift for your papa"

A little while later when they finally got home they started adding the final touches to the party as their friends slowly started to arrive and only deku and bakugou were left to come

As Izuku opened the door reveling their living room decorated beautifully everyone jumped high and screamed "surprise" Akemi was first to jump into deku's arm

"Papa papa do you like it?" He cheakly said

"Yes baby I love it" Izuku midoriya said while looking down at his son and kissing his cheak

Katsuki went and picked up Akemi from izuku arm kissing his son's cheak as Izuku went to hug shouto and gave him a small kiss

"thank you everyone" he happily said

"You should thank katsuki and shouto they are the ones who planed it" kirishima said

"Thanks you guys" Deku said as he hugged them both "welcome babe" katsuki replied as deku went around the room hugging and thanking all his friends as the party slowly started their friends were dancing and enjoying snacks

"Midoriya-kun how is your pregnancy going?" Iida asked

"Its way harder then it was with Akemi I thought since this is my second it would be easier but it's way harder and bigger its almost as if I'm caring twins" Deku replied with a small giggle surprised

A little later into the party..

"Can we go eat the cake now" Akemi shouted

"Yes of course come on lets go" Deku replied

After singing happy birthday, Izuku blowed the candles wishing that his newborn would be healthy then they started eating the cake and opening everyone's gift only Akemi's bakugou's and shouto's gift was left

"Papa papa open mine next" Akemi said

Deku opened the little box that was clearly wrapped by a kid and saw a teddy bear inside

"I wanted to get you a car but dad said you might not like that so dad helped me pick this one out instead and and I wrapped it all by myself without any help" Akemi proudly said

"Thanks baby I love it and you wrapped it beautifully" Izuku said praising his son and ruffling his hair as Akemi softly giggled

"So um. . me and half and half thought that you have been stressing yourself too much lately and thought you might want a small vacation so we bought you or I guess us a ticket to one week vacation in Paris!" Katsuki said said

"Thanks you thank you thank you" Izuku said while hugging his husbands

"Welcome babe" shouto replied

"Wait does that mean I'm coming too?" Akemi asked

"Yes your annoying ass is coming with us" katsuki said

"Katsuku! don't call him annoying and dont swear in front of him but yes baby of course you are coming im not going anywhere without you " Deku said as he hugged his husbands and son

"Oh yea we also got you this necklace" katsuki said as he pulled out a necklace in the shape of a simple rectangle that the words 'our love' was ingraved on it

"Thank you i love it can you put it on me " Deku said

"Of course love" shouto said as he placed the necklace on deku as both katsuki and shouto kissed his check

Izuku hugged his husbands agian

"This is the moment where you kiss" Kaminari said

"Eww" Akemi expressed his feeling

"Shut up pikachu" katsuki shouted back

"Good job ruining the moment Kaminari" ochako said

"Oops hehe" Kaminari replied


Thank you Jamgirl678 for suggesting Akemi's name it means 'beauty of the dawn/rise' so my theory is he was born when the sun rose hehe

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