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Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

"Is you gone ever start taking consideration in being to school on time?" My daddy said as I walked in the kitchen

I mugged him as I adjusted the straps on my bookbag

"What is you talking bout?"

I knew exactly what he was talking bout. I wake up late every morning and take my precious time to get ready

My grades straight cause my daddy don't play that, but fuck school. If my daddy wasn't on my ass about school I'll drop the fuck out

"Yo' ass be to school late everyday, and two of  yo' teachers called me and told me you be late to they classes"

Ian say nothing instead I just opened the refrigerator and pulled the juice jug out

He cleared his throat

"So now you deaf?" I looked at him from the side of my eye trying not to laughing

He mad as fuck, I can tell cause he clenching his jaw and he way to nonchalant

"no, I just don't know what you talking bout"

"Play Dumb all you want to, and you won't ever get yo' car. What yo' grades look like?"

"Ion know ian look at them in bout two weeks" he pulled his phone out and I continued to do what I was doing before he broke the silence

"You got a  74 in English and a 77 in Algebra 2" he looked at me before pulling his blunt out along with a lighter

"you got another blunt?" I asked and he gave me a death glare which let me know to stop. I laughed "Okay Ima fall back"

"you think I'm something to play with, but Ima Show you" he said before lighting the blunt and grabbing his keys

ion know what the fuck he gone show me but every time he say that he go above and beyond

We left and the whole car ride to school was silent. I got out the car before making my way in .. fucking hate this school

I made my way to class and sat down in my seat

"Gaulden, you late again so that's another phone call home" Bitch.

"Stop calling my daddy phone telling him shit, you really tryna get me killed" she laughed

"Then start being on time, and you will be less worrisome" she said, I pulled my computer out before going to google classroom

I finished my work and got on my phone til it was time to go. When the bell rung I got up quick leaving out the classroom

I made my way to my other class

"hey sexy" Jaikeem said putting his arm around my shoulder as I made my way to my desk

this nigga been tryna get me for the longest, and it won't ever happen

I mugged him before moving his arm

"nigga I got a whole girlfriend, and don't call me sexy. That shit weird" I said sitting down as he just looked at me

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