thirty one

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jacky boy🐠: party at our house tomorrow night. you down?

skye🖤: can i bring people

jacky boy🐠: yes you can bring the band

skye🖤: they're not just a band jack

jacky boy🐠: i'm sorry. i just don't want you getting hurt.

skye🖤: i won't jack. i trust him. i promise you.

jacky boy🐠: i want to meet him anyway so bring them

skye🖤: jack. behave

jacky boy🐠: i'll be nice i promise


skye🖤: my brother is having a house party tomorrow night. fancy tagging along?

fovvs🥵: will he kill me?

skye🖤: can't say. he's protective but once you don't get on his bad side, you'll be fine

fovvs🥵: the boys as well?

skye🖤: they're invited

fovvs🥵: brook at a party....

skye🖤: we'll watch him

fovvs🥵: oh will we now

skye🖤: unless we're busy with other things....

fovvs🥵: i think we'll be busy....




peace and love
elle x

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