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It was 8:00pm and Billie got home from tour a few hours ago and tomorrow was the first day of Coachella

Nigel, gawa, juub, Prince and symph were already at the air bnb but I told em I'd get a ride when bil leaves or something

I got to her house and knocked at the door waiting anxiously for her to answer

"Mama!" I said with a big smile as she opened the door

She forces her body against mine as I hold her tight

"You smell good" I said
"So do you I missed the smell of you" she said

"I like the new color" she said
"Yeah? I thought you'd like it"

"So you excited?" I asked
"Yea that's so fucking crazy like theres gonna be a lot of people" she said

"I know" I said I smiled at her excitement

"So when you leaving?" I asked
"Sometime tomorrow" she said

"Can I head out with y'all?" I asked
"Mmhm" she bit her lip and smiled softly

"Wanna come in?" She asked
"Yea" I laughed cause I was nervous for no reason

We walked in her room with her lights red

"I miss my bed" she said
"I miss your bed too" I said grabbing her waist walking into her room

I walked all the way to her bed and kissed on her neck and she turned around to grab my face as I kissed her

Every time my lips meet hers it always feels like its the first time. Her fat soft lips feel so warm against mine

I kissed her so deeply we shared the same air, I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to me.

I slide my left hand down grab bing her ass.

Billie let out a soft moan.

I pulled out of the kiss and just stared at her eyes.

"Tell me how tour was baby" I said laying on her bed

"Let's not talk about tour its my break I'm finally here"

"Yea you right" I smiled
"Cuddle with me and stay the night" she said

I shook my head feeling her hand caress my face

"I love your little freckles" I said
"Their like really faint but their there" i said

She smiled

"And your eyes your eyes really complement your freckles" I said pulling her body closer

"But I really love those lips, they my lips nobody else's." I looked at her lips

"Every thing about you is so perfect miss O'Connell" I said

"I wanna wife you" I said as she licked her lips

"Billie Adams" I said

She giggled

"2020" I said
"2020" she said


"Baby" I heard
"Baby common wake up we gotta go" I opened my eyes

"W-what?" I asked with a scruffy voice

I opened my eyes to see two beautiful ocean blue eyes

"Wake up" she giggled in my ear

"Its fucking like-" I paused
"Mama what time is it" I sat up squinting

"Its 4:26" she said
"Baby come back to bed its to early" I said

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