Chapter 11- love you

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Jacks POV
I'm going to tell my family that I'm bi and that I'm dating Zach now today. I'm kinda nervous but I know they will except us. My family has never had any hate towards any sexuality. I'm just more nervous of what they will think of Zach. My family loves him so I'm sure it will be fine.

Zach's POV
I couldn't believe it. Jack Avery, my bully, my crush, asked me to be his boyfriend. I'm fangirling so much. My mom knew that I had a crush on him so I know that she will be happy for me. We invited the Avery's over for dinner so we could tell them but we still have hours before that happens. Jack asked me if I wanted to go see a movie and I said yes so we are going to see the new Lion King. We go to get our tickets. There was this boy around my age working. He was cute but Jacks my bf. we give him some money. "I'll take care of it, I don't make somebody as cute as you pay." The boy looks at me and winks. I look at Jack and he walks up to the man. "Back off, He is mine. Now give me and my boyfriend tickets so we can continue our date" Jack says toughly. He pulls me closer to him and I smile at the man. "Oh, um, sorry sir" the man apologizes. I whisper in Jacks ear, "Thanks love" "of course" we get our tickets quickly. We watch the movie and it was great. (I've never watched it so I'm just guessing) We get to my house and Jacks family is all there. We sit down for dinner and talk about some boring things. I look at Jack and he nods at me. "Um.. Jack and I have something to tell you guys" I say. "What did you do?" My mom looks at me. "Nothing" I laugh. "Mom, dad, I'm bisexual and I'm dating Zach" Jack says. "And mom, you know I'm gay and I'm dating Jack" they all start clapping. "Congrats guys!" Jacks mom says. "Does that mean Reese and I are sisters?!" Isla asks. Jack and I laugh. "YAY" Reese yells in excitement. We talk for a while and they head home but Jack stays over for a sleepover.

Jacks POV
Telling our parents went great. They were all happy for us and Isla and Reese are excited. I'm staying the night at Zach's house. I get into sweatpants and I don't wear a shirt. I walk into Zach's bedroom and see him laying down watching Tv. He shifts his attention towards me. "Jeez, your even hotter than I thought" he says laughing. "Thanks, not to bad yourself" I get into the bed next to him and we start to cuddle. I close my eyes and pretend to be asleep. "I love you Jack" Zach whispers thinking I was asleep. He closes his eyes. "I love you too Zach" I say back. He looks at me and blushes. We both fall asleep cuddled up together. I really love Zach.

I thought this chapter was a cute one. Thanks again for all the support. Love you all.😘

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