Chapter 4: Riley, the Gentleman

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Cleo's POV

"Riley, I am fine. I can carry my bags. Why are just starting to act like gentelman?" I asked a little annoyed but completely won over by this strange hunk. He had been trying to carry my bags for me but they weren't heavy so I kept answering "no".

"Just now I started acting like a gentelman? I thought I have been doing it for a while now. Well either way I am going to keep asking until you let carry them. So what do you say? May I carry your bags Miss. Marks?" Now I couldn't refuse his offer. He used his so sweet smile that made my heart race. It wouldn't slow but I gave my bags to Riley making sure he didn't run off with them.

But he just stayed by my side acting as if he was still caring his two bags. Out of the blue a question popped in my head. I didn't stop to think I just asked, " Do you work out or something Mr. Biers? " It was silly but I wanted an answer and I didn't think he would mind." No why? Does it look like it? Or do you think I should start? " he answered but really asking another question.

" Yes it does look like it and I would like it you started. If you did you would be super-hot and super-muscular. " I answered knowing his family was right behind us listening to our conversation. It didn't make me feel good but they probably didn't want to be too far away from us. Probably making sureI didn't fall into a hole and wind up in Wonderland. Then I heard the red-head laugh. It sounded like it was really funny but he was just walking in the middle of the too fragile looking girls.

But I continued with my thoughts. Either I would fall down a hole or fall into a machine that chopped sushi into tiny bits. Again he laughed. It was really bugging me. Riley looked back at. If I wasn't as observant as I was I would have missed Riley mouth " zip-it " to him. I laughed. It was funny to see the red-head's expression go from happy to a " I kill you " look that fast.

"Riley me and the rest of us are going to look section 7-8d to look for our luggage. I think yours and Cleo's are over there. We will meet up with you two at the Starbanks coffee house in 20 minutes." the movie star finished. I could hear the crowd cheering him on. " What a fantastic performance. " I thought to myself. Once we were alone Riley said "Sorry about my brother and him laughing. He was really rude. Oh by the way his name is Edward and the other girl by him was Bella. The girl with the Indian is Renesmee and she's with Jacob. The annoying blonde is Rosalie and she is with the guy who can't stop grinning. His name is Emmett. And the annoying pixie is named Alice and her boyfriend is Jasper. Oh and thats my dad Carlisle and his wife Esme." he finished.

We walked over to the luggage area and searched our lugagge. Well all his bags came out at like the same time it was frustrating but we got our bags, finally , and headed over to the coffee shop where he said I would officially meet his family.

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