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"Are you sure Nico's not going to be angry about his bed sheets and pillow cases? I mean, I know he liked Mythomagic as a kid, but he'll be turning fifteen... I don't even know when his birthday is! I'm a horrible brother," he whined.

Piper rolled her eyes. "Jason, you do realize you're biologically his cousin, right? Anyway, Percy said he might whine about not being a kid and say that he doesn't like the game anymore, but deep down he'll like it. Now stop worrying and help me get this room divider up."

The two of them, plus some help from Percy, Annabeth, Leo, and Calypso, had completely redecorated the inside of the Hades cabin. They had chosen the main colors to be black, bright green, and purple because the outside of the cabin. It was made of obsidian rock (black), had torches with flames that would never go out (bright green), and Piper thought purple would be a nice accenting color.

There were only two beds on either side of the room, the one of the left being Hazel's and the one to the right being Nico's. Hazel's side of the room was separated by a dark purple curtain that hung from a black pole just a few feet to the left of the door. Both her and her brother's beds were identical: dark mahogany twins with two pillows and a comforter. Where her sheets were bright green just like the curtains around the cabin, Percy had taken to ordering Nico a green and black Mythomagic-themed bedspread. It was the Underworld one, so cartoon representations of Hades, ghosts, Cerberus, and other creatures of the Underworld were on it. Percy hoped Nico wouldn't take it offensively.

Other than leaving the dark wooden dressers that held random clothes Hazel had left behind and the few that Nico actually owned, everything else in the room had been scrapped. The old, blood red rug was replaced with a deep purple one. They had even ordered a desk and chair for each of them, placing them beside each other on the far end and middle of the room. All in all, Piper thought they had done a great job.

"I think we're finished," Piper said while surveying the room happily.

Jason nodded, smiling as he slung an arm around his girlfriend before they walked out of the cabin together. "They'll love it, Pipes. That reminds me, you ordered a cake from Dairy Queen for Percy's birthday party in four days, right?"

"Yep. Annabeth and I made sure they made the entire thing is blue, and we even asked if they could include only blue candles on the side. It's a beach-themed cake," she added with a small laugh.

"And everyone from the Roman camp is coming, correct?"

She squeezed his hand as they walked towards the dining pavilion for dinner. "Reyna, Hazel, Frank, Rachel, Tyson, and Ella the harpy will be here, Jason. Annabeth even talked Thalia into spending a day without her hunters and visiting, and Grover promised he'd come too. There's nothing to worry about! Just remember that Tuesday night Leo, Calypso and I will be coming over and decorating your cabin. Annabeth will be with Percy all day distracting him so he doesn't wonder why we're being so secretive."

"I'll remember. I just hope Nico is back in time for the party," he admitted. "It won't be the same unless all of his friends are there."

Piper was about to say something encouraging when something caught her eye. She looked into the sky where it looked like a comet was racing towards the camp.

"What is that?" She asked, pointing it out Jason.

He saw it easily thanks to the glasses he'd gotten from Dr. Asclepius. "It looks like a flaming red sports car. It's going really fast," he commented.

"Then how is it going to stop?"

Suddenly Chiron burst forth from the Big House, galloping past campers who had gathered for dinner and were now looking at the sky in wonder. As soon as the centaur saw what was in the sky he sighed, massaging him temples.

"Curse Apollo for letting a demigod drive again," he said as the car suddenly crashed into the lake. Water rose so high into the air everyone could see it over the trees.

Jason glanced at Piper with wide eyes as the rest of their friends ran up to the two.

"That's Apollo's car!" Percy said excitedly before telling them to follow him to the lake. Five of the Seven and Calypso, plus most of the camp, ran through the woods and to the lake where an annoyed sun god was lifting his car from the water. On the shore soaking wet were the laughing forms of Will, Nico, Cecil, and Lou Ellen.

Apollo stuck his tongue out childishly at the laughing teenagers. "I don't get why crashing my car into the lake is funny, son of Hades. I am never letting another demigod drive my car again because of you."

"He drove really well," Will defended. "You know, until landing in the lake. The car needed a wash anyway."

"Very funny, son. Now I must be going. I feel like pestering Helios and most likely sending him to Tartarus for stealing my car while out of commission and blinding my son. It was nice meeting you and your friends, Will."

Will walked up to his dad, who enveloped him in a hug. It was almost like hugging an older version of himself. "It was nice meeting you too, dad. Thanks for saving him."

The softness in Apollo's eyes was only apparent to Will. However, when the god whispered something into his son's ear, a smirk covered the god's face before he jumped into his car and sped off. Will was left standing there gaping, his face bright red.

As the camp approached to congratulate the questers on a job well done, Jason overhead Nico asking Will what his dad had told him.

"H-he told me I need to get my victory kiss after completing my first quest!"

Jason watched as Nico stared at the blond next to him, regarding him silently before stepping forward, grabbing Will by the front of his shirt, and pulling the son of Apollo into a deep kiss. Many of the campers gasped in shock. Chiron was silent. Leo and Jason were grinning while Percy said something about Nico's type. Finally, when the two had broken apart a few seconds later, the Apollo cabin plus all of Nico's friends burst into cheers and clapping. Many of the campers joined in moments later.

Nico and Will spun to face their friends, both of their faces flushed from the attention, before being dragged to the dining pavilion for a celebratory dinner.

Jason would bet that was the best victory kiss Will Solace had been hoping for.

Jason shipping Solangelo is a constant canon throughout the whole universe I will hear nothing against it :)

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