SCP-682 Lemon ~🍋~

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Have fun reading this and let me know if you manage to read the whole chapter without stopping... Hehehe😊😊😊😊

You and your boyfriend were at your home watching (A Rated R Movie) and it was almost midnight.

"I'm gonna get more popcorn." You said as you get from the couch.


You go to the kitchen and place a bag of popcorn into the microwave. While you were there the movie then showed a couple having a very heated make-out session to the point that the couple were basically having sex with their clothes on.

While the popcorn was still popping in the microwave Dragonblade gets a little heated and soon his friend shows himself.

After the popcorn was done you bend over to the lower cabinet where the bowls were put and pour the popcorn out of the bag not knowing that your boyfriend was standing right behind you the whole time.

You turned around with the bowl of popcorn in your hands only to be scared and dropped the bowl of popcorn making a big mess.

"Don't sneak up on me like that!"

He didn't say anything but just started right at you.

"Are you ok?" You ask.

He then smashes his lips into yours and picks you up and places you on the counter. You soon gave in as you felt something poking your thigh.

Your hands were in his hair as his hands went under your shirt and massages your breast from the outside of your bra.

He then takes off both your PJ shirt and PJ pants/shorts leaving you in your underwear and bra still on. He takes off his shirt, pants, and underwear revealing his 8 inch erect dick. You surprisingly stare at how big his dick is.

You feel yourself getter wetter and at the same time, you feel nervous wondering if his entire dick would fit inside of you.

"Don't worry I'll go slow." He says as he removes your bra and underwear letting them drop on the kitchen floor.

He slowly enters himself inside you. You gasp as you sink your nails into his back as you feel your walls breaking from his large shaft.

You wrap your arms around his neck as he grabs your hips and moves you closer to him.

"Are you ok?" He asks.

You nodded your head and lean your head to his forehead.

"Good because it's only halfway in."


He then enters his entire dick inside you making you moan so loud it could be heard from every room in your home.

At first he slowly goes up and down but soon starts thrusting you faster and faster unable to control his sexual nature.

He licks your earlobe before going down to kiss your cheek and neck.

You moan as he continues to go at in inhuman speed inside you.

"I'M....I'M ABOUT TO CUM!..."

"Me too Y/n!"

He doesn't stop and in less than ten seconds you came while moaning his name.

He then releases his hot seed inside you after feeling your juices on his dick.

The two of you take some deep breaths as you hold on to each other with him still being inside you. You two make-out for a little before he finally pulls himself out of you.

"Can you walk?" He jokingly asks.

"I think so but..."


"I'd prefer if you carry me to bed."

"Sure thing." He smiles.

He carries you in his arms and takes you to your room where you two snuggle up together still naked and fall asleep.

Soooo.... How was it???

Anyway! Guess who's next???

That's right its SCP-049's turn in the next chapter! I know some of you can't wait for his Lemon Chapter. Like always thanks for reading and let me know what was your favorite part of this chapter in the comments.

See you all in the next Lemon Chapter!

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