chapter fifteen

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"Are you still mad at me about last night?"

I glance over at Olivia sitting in the passenger seat of my truck. She's pulled her wet hair into a knot on top of her head and she looks like she's drowning in my clothes.

"No, Liv, I'm not mad,"

"Then why are you in a mood?"

I shrug, "Just tired,"

That's not a lie. I didn't sleep much last night, but my apparent mood has more to do with the shitty reality check I had this morning than my lack of sleep.

Being around Abby was easy when I didn't really know her. She was hot, but it wasn't like I wasn't around hot girls all the time. Between four guys, we usually had at least one girl hanging around the house at any given time.

Hooking up with her was easy because I was drunk and I told myself it was just another hookup, just another one time thing, like every other girl. It wasn't until after the bathroom incident that things changed, and it wasn't until this morning that I realized that I wanted her. Really wanted her, in more than my usual hookup-only way.

I could still smell the vanilla apple spice of her perfume on my bedsheets last night, which made falling asleep without fantasizing about her impossible. I thought the hot shower would clear my mind, but it only ended up spurring the memory of me pushing her up against the bathroom wall. The memory of how her naked body felt under my tongue was enough to make me hard, but it was her fucking breathy moans that sent me over the edge in my own hand, imagining what it would sound like to make her moan my name again.

"I like her, you know," Olivia chirps, pulling me out of my thoughts. When I look over she's watching me with a smug smile.


"Abby," she rolls her eyes, "and I think you do too,"

I turn up the radio to shut her up but she just talks louder.

"I can tell that she likes you," she smirks, "why don't you ask her out?"

I'm not about to tell my baby sister about my only fuck them once rule.

"I don't need a girlfriend right now, Liv. I need to focus on the rest of this season before the draft,"

She raises a brow, "That sounds like a bullshit excuse,"

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