Chapter 2: Rebirth

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Wen Xinya had a splitting headache. She unmindfully pressed her hands against her forehead and could feel the numbing effects of alcohol gushing into her brain. After jolting her head twice with great strength, she started to regain some consciousness. As if she was in a nightmare, her entire world was being torn apart between the deafening DJ music in a devilish beat and the flickering disco light.

Her head was heavy with dizziness, and she could feel her stomach cramping. Covering her mouth with her hands, she dashed into the public washroom like a madwoman and threw up all the food inside her together with some gastric fluid and bile. Feeling much better after, Wen Xinya turned on the tap and splashed the running water onto her face, trying to keep herself awake.

Feeling refreshed, a question sprung to her mind-wasn't she already dead?
Raising her head slowly from the basin, she could see a pretty, young face from the reflection in the mirror. It was not covered in thick layers of cosmetics. No eye bags or eye rings could be found beneath the pair of beautiful eyes. The pair of eyes had sparkles and brightness in them, instead of being dull and colorless caused by long-term alcohol abuse. There was also a waist length of soft, silky hair attached to the pretty face, rather than a set of bright red spiky hair.

It was like time had been reversed and everything was back to the beginning!
Wen Xinya touched her face with trembling hands. The baby-soft skin on her face belonged to a young teenage girl.

She darted out of the washroom recklessly. Seeing a waiter passing by with a tray in his hands, she grabbed him by the arm and asked, "Which year are we in right now? What is the date today?"

The waiter looked at her with his eyes wide open as if she was a lunatic, and replied, "March 28, 2010."

Year 2010, it was the year she returned to the Wen Family at age 15!
Did she just experience a rebirth and went back to the year when she turned 15?

Wen Xinya couldn't believe it. She ran dementedly into the crowd, grabbed a woman on the dance floor, and asked, "Which year are we in right now? What is the date today?"

The woman pushed her hands away and said, "Lunatic. Today, March 28, 2010."

Again, it was March 28, 2010.

"Which year are we in right now? What is the date today?"

"Which year are we in right now? What is the date today?"

Wen Xinya kept on asking anyone she could find. People in the club treated her as if she was a madwoman and shunned her away wherever she went.
Indeed! She just had a rebirth and returned to the year when she was fifteen-years-old.

She had not lost her virginity underage, no drug abuse, and no spiked drinks that caused her to be caught on video acting indecently. The tragedy had not yet begun.

Wen Xinya felt enormous youth and power in her younger body. It was a feeling she had not experienced in 10 years! She smiled and cried with joy. Thank God she was able to return to when she was a 15-year-old. She was going to have a second chance. She decided she would live on her own terms.

While Wen Xinya was still in her own thoughts, she vaguely saw a man walking away from the crowd towards her. She stared at him with her eyes wide open. She would recognize this man even if he turned into ashes.

It was him... who destroyed her life and caused her to suffer 10 years of agony!
She recalled that today was the day when Xia Ruya visited Grandpa and Grandma at the Wen Family. The whole family was happy at her presence and surrounded her, while Wen Xinya hid in her own shadows with envy and jealousy as if she had stolen someone else's happiness.

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