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Pinky drag anika and march towards main door.

Ani_aunty leave me.

Rud_choti ma leave thief bhabi.

Pin_you keep quiet.

Shiv_fat aunty leave my wifey.

Pin_you made my son against me na now i send you out of my house.

Ani_you cannot do like these.

Pin_i do whatever i want😈.

Shiv_fat aunty😤😤😤.
Shivay take flower vase and hit on pinky head.

Pin_😱😱😱oh my mathaaaaa.

Shiv_why are you shouting fat aunty I'm not deaf my wifey also.

Pinky saw the surrounding reality strike her.

Ani_what happen to you .

Shivay take flower vase.

Pin_😱 oh my matha 🏃🏃🏃

Ani_shivay why you take vase in your hand

Shiv_i did not like yellow rose.

Shivay throw flower vase.


Shiv_i did not like it.

Ani_ok come down tomorrow i buy red roses .

Shiv_😁 yey
Wifey come i show you my drawings.

Shivay you draw dog supper.

Shiv_it was horse wifey .

Ani_😅 sorry.

Shiv_now find what was it

Ani_elephant right .



Shiv_it was that fat aunty 😀😀😀.

Ani_shivay it was wrong to draw elders as cartoon.

Shiv_but she shout at you na wifey.


Shiv_no i did not want to hear your advice  🙉.

Ani_ok baba remove your hand on ear.


Ani_i thought to say on fairy tale but i think you not interested.

Shiv_fairy tale😄
Wifey my cute wifey hena say story.


Shiv_plz plz plz i you want sing rhymes for you.

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