new kotlc book!

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okay I have the patience of a two year old, so while I should've waited for your responses towards the new book (read previous chapter if you have no idea what I'm talking about) I already created the book (haven't published it yet) but here's the title & synopsis:


please go read it and let me know if it's good or not :)


you're my mission | kotlc

"if you're not mine in one month, then my name isn't Keefe Sencen. you're my mission, baby."

Keefe Sencen and Heather Martin are coming from worlds that tear them apart. Both put on a fake smile and hide their broken selves behind humor and wit. Can they fight their pasts together? Journey with them as they try to break down each other's walls and save each other.


I'm really excited about this as I have everything planned out; it won't be sad, if that's what you guys were thinking. it''ll be a mix of everything- humor, sadness, and fluff (a lot of fluff haha).

I won't publish the first chapter for another couple of days.

what do you guys think about this? are you going to read it?

thanks so much, loves!

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