Chapter 2

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As we go on in our lives, we sometimes find ourselves in a dark corner waiting for nothing. This is the time when dreams turn to hopes and hopes turn to just a thought. I always see life in the lense of gratitude but sometimes clouded by greed and ignorance.

Appreciating simple acts of humanity is what we need. Saying it is easy but takes genuine effort to execute and succeed.

The word BEAUTIFUL is not that beautiful at all. It is used by many, spoken by some but only meant by few.

How unfortunate life is if we are stuck in such poor mindset for we build barriers within ourselves.

Now, everyone wants to be righteous in times of crises and defeats. You alter stories that twist like sticky candy floss oozing with bogus sweetness that gives temporary happiness.

I play as salt and you always play as sugar. Your sweet talk sugarcoated words filled with tasty pretentions give smiles to shallow-minded folks.

Well, I don't mind them for acting such ignorance since you're pretty good at making them believe that unicorns fly.

How unfortunate my life coz I don't have your skills. The art you play is way out of my league. It may be too rude of me to say that everyone can be well -skilled yet only a few can be well- educated.

I agree that sometimes I stumble and so as you. Like any other people who keep pushing expectations to do. I observe, I listen and even put my pride beneath you. Behind this tough facade is a child you obviously have no clue.

Easy to judge, easy to condem.
I admire your confidence of luring your preys. Like the wisdom you give out of the hay, but what concerns me if you even know how to pray.

You play it so well that even MVP's can't dare. You are a magician of your league like the captain of the ship. A highly paid colleague who backstabs like a black sheep.

Life is never really fair
Who says it is?

We focus on things that distort the scenic views of our lives. We tend to count what we don't have instead of what we have.

We say things we don't really mean. We tell jokes though at times it mean something. Trust me it's hard to always be the enemy causing the pain. Indeed it's unfair especially if you always take the blame.


No worries , no problem.
Time heals anyway.
Karma is real and so is revenge.

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