Chapter 1

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It's so funny to see how people are too self righteous with their self proclaimed good morale and attitude. The times when they use their innocent tactics to get the beast out of you and make you the villain of the story. I always commend their stamina in sustaining such hipocrisy and artistry of playing as the victims. These are the people you see anywhere from your circle of friends, workmates and even your relatives.

The question is how do you identify yourself? Are you one of them?

Well, I know while reading this you are starting to think what game you always play, the victim or the villain.

Don't stop thinking because I know you are now backtracking your memories to support your choice to see if you can justify your decision.

The feeling when people always see you as the criminal of the story. The one who always tells the sad truth, who is straightforward and doesn't have control. I'd say I'm proud of such assumptions.

With these descriptions, does it mean I'm a bad person? If you think that way then I commend your astounding stupidity! The difference between me and them is that I speak like a plain cookie while they speak like cupcakes with cherries on top. I don't have the art of sugarcoating stories and never will I be interested of it.

They say respect begets respect and I believe it's true, but do you really have that respect in you? If so, how consistent are you? You are probably questioning yourself now and I don't blame you. We always question others but never question ourselves. Am I doing the right thing? or is it something that people are expected of us to do.

Simple rhetoric questions get us to thinking how good or bad we are as a person. Try to at least evaluate yourself first before evaluating others . Try to see the bad side of you before criticizing the bad side of others. It's hard right? Damn right it's hard if you continue to live in hipocrisy and pretentions.

People always say I'm a conceited person and that I highly think of myself. Yes its true, so what' s in it for you? Nothing right!? Does it make you less of a person if I feel that way? I'm guilty of what I am but are you guilty of what you are?

You always play the victim and I'm always the villain. I guess that's what makes a story interesting where gossips spread faster than newspapers, where stories start to have different versions, different people involve and the worst when they feel assured because people always believe their altered stories.

Sad truth indeed, sad truth it is.

Now, let me ask you.Do you really consider yourself  a good person? Yes, I speak fluent sarcasm but it does not define my intentions. I say no when the answer should be NO, I'll say yes if you're worth my YES. It's just a matter of choosing black or white, no MAYBE'S no WHAT IF's.

The problem of the world is that people are too subjective. They base their decisions solely on emotions. That's why I always end up being judged for wrong reasons. I guess first impression matters however it does not define my character as a person.

As life becomes more interesting. Day by day life experiences teach us to survive and compete in this world. The strong lives and the weak perishes. Wounds heal but leave marks from hatred and pain. Life flies so quick so why complicate things. Less is more, to simplify is to learn more.

You always tell me your righteous wisdom. Words by words, you speak with so much confidence yet if countered you stutter and stammer. Just a piece of advice, if you come at me never expect to win a debate by raising the tone of your voice, but consider improving your argument.

When you speak I listen but when I speak you criticize. Those little things count so don't dare beg for my limited respect. My sarcasm only works for stupid mindset like yours.

Day by day I always learn that people are pretty visual and I'm not ashamed to say I'm one of them. We judge people by nature but not everybody admits it, just like we always want to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. Cliche ' as it sounds but its true.

Now, contemplate your life and evaluate yourselves. Are you the Victim or the Villain?

I know I'm not the ideal person in this world. You may, or you may not like me. I tell what I think and it's not my problem how you take it. I'm responsible for what I say not for what you understand. Like I said, I'm not a bad person, I JUST SPEAK FLUENT SARCASM.

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