Chapter 5: Stabbing Is The New Flirting

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The week passes pretty uneventfully – well, uneventfully by my standards – and I find myself jumping between days off with Steve, outings with Tony and Thor, afternoons mentoring Peter, lunches with Sam, and checking in on my charming new teenage companion, Dinah James. It doesn't take long for me to discover that not only do Dee and Peter go to the same school in Queens, Midtown High, but they're actually in the same grade. Talk about a small world.

I brought up the little titbit of information with Peter, regaling our enthralling police chase tale, which I also immediately informed him to never ever do.

"I swear if you ever follow in my footsteps like that, I'll ground you... for till college."

"Uh, for till college?"

"For till college!"

Seemed to get the message across well enough.

"You know of her, though? Dinah?"

"Yeah, she's not exactly in my social circle, but I know of her."

"And? What do you think of her?"

"She scares me."

"Mm, somehow I can see that."

Apparently, the mouthy Miss James is a bit of a bad girl in school (shocking), most of the other students keeping their distance because of it – yet Pete has never actively approached or engaged in any kind of long conversation with the rambunctious kid. Dee has, however, briefly spoken to the Arach-kid once before according to him, the exchange curt and short-lived after she sent one of Parker's bullies to the medical bay with a broken wrist.

"Anything in particular prompt her to do such a thing?"

The fourteen-year-old suddenly seemed even younger as he mentally reached back for the memory, neck tensed, as if he was struggling to swallow. "She usually minds her own business with that kind of thing, but... my Uncle Ben had died a few days before. The whole school knew about it by that point. It was my first day back since his passing, and most of the guys that bully me laid off of me for a few weeks, even Flash Thompson, but one didn't. I honestly didn't have the strength in me to deal with him that day... but she did."

"Did she say anything? After?"

"That losing a parental figure sucked. But it got better. That was after she said that I have the moral backbone of a chocolate éclair."

"That does sound a little more like her."

Smiling fondly at the memory of the conversation, I continue to tighten the grip of my hero suit's gloves, bending down to lace up my combat boots before I forget. Teenagers, so stressful. Got me so preoccupied in my own thoughts that I could've just risked tripping over my own feet and face planting in front of a HYDRA operative out in the field. Now that would've been embarrassing.

Teen drama aside, Tony was simply buzzing with caffeine and sleep deprivation when he burst into the lounge room on the top floor this morning, mouth running a thousand miles per hour. What little we did manage to gather from the verbal onslaught, was that he finally managed to nail a location on the sceptre; a remote HYDRA base in the small Eastern-European country of Sokovia, heat signatures indicating a large number of hostiles in the area. Haven't had a good fight with the whole team in quite some time, and quite frankly, the only thing that's missing from this experience is Brock Rumlow. If only I hadn't left him to burn to a crisp as the triskelion collapsed on his head; punching him in his smug face is perhaps one of the most therapeutic experiences I have ever had in my entire life. Really wouldn't have minded getting to do that again.

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