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This can't be happening! Nonononono! Will shook his head as he poured his healing powers into Nico while quietly singing a hymn. Nothing he did would make the boy before him stop fading. It had slowed, but he was barely visible anymore. Why did you have to die saving us, you idiot? Don't you know there are people who love you and are going to miss you? What will Hazel think? What will I do without seeing your friendly face every day?

"Dad," he pleaded desperately without turning away from his friend, "please tell me you can help him! I can't lose him. Please, you cured my blindness— help Nico, dad!" He choked, which would have been embarrassing if not for the circumstances. He was a healer. He always kept his cool under pressure; however, he couldn't hold back his emotions as he watched Nico die.

"I did not cure your blindness," Apollo tried to explain while the three demigods before him cried out to their dying friend. "Helios cursed you, so I simply lifted the curse. This is a completely different matter altogether. The shadows have claimed him; there is nothing even I can do."

Will glared at his father through his tears, his hands glowing above Nico's transparent body in attempts to make him whole. "You can't just stand by while he dies! He's like this from saving you, and you're not even going to try and save him?"

The sun god gave a helpless shrug. "Son, I understand you're upset. A friend you deeply care for is dying, but that's no reason to—"

"No! He's not just my friend, dad." Will hung his head as he peered at the pale face of the boy lying next to him. He hoped his dad wouldn't be ashamed of him. "I love him. Wouldn't you try your hardest to save the one you love?"

The next few moments were nearly silent. Only the wind and the ragged breathing of the demigods broke the tranquility of the valley. Finally, just when Will thought his words had meant nothing, Apollo placed a soft but strong hand on his son's shoulder and asked him to move over. It was in quiet awe that the demigods watched as Apollo touched Nico right over his heart. Light started flowing through his intangible form, wherever the light touched becoming solid once more. Shadows bled into the dead grass beneath his body before evaporating completely.

"The darkness that has been latched onto his soul since he began using his powers too strenuously has been dispelled. Unless he pushes himself like this again, he shouldn't have to worry about fading anymore."

Will grasped Nico's now solidified hand excitedly. The boy had just begun breathing quicker, signaling him waking up. Sure enough dark brown eyes revealed themselves a moment later, staring up at his friends and Apollo in surprise.

"You brought me back," he breathed before pushing himself into a sitting position without difficulty. There was not a scratch on him, and he felt better than he had in a long time.

Apollo grinned down at the dark-haired teenager. "Actually, I did."

"Thank you, Lord Apollo." He said before turning to meet Will's eyes. They had not left Nico since he'd stopped fading. "Will, I—"

He was cut off by a bone-crushing hug. "Death Boy, don't you ever scare me like that again!" The son of Apollo was practically giggling, his entire body glowing as he Nico slowly hugged him back. Nico found Will's warmth comforting and he closed his eyes at the new, but welcomed feeling.

"I won't, Sunshine. I promise." He assured before pulling back from the hug. "Um, while I was fading, I realized something..."

"What is it?" Will tilted his head confusedly.

"I... I'll tell you when we get back at camp."

Will smiled. "Okay, di Angelo. I have something I need to tell you too. Right now let's just focus on getting back to camp safely."

"I can help with that!"

The demigods all turned to stare at Apollo, who had hopped into his red convertible. After starting it and driving it over to where the half-bloods where now standing, he winked at them before patting the seat next to him.

"For sending Python to Tartarus, freeing the Spirit of Delphi, and saving me I think it's only fair I give you a lift back to camp. Who wants to drive? Will?"

Will shook his head, instead wrapping an arm around Nico and gesturing at him with his head. "This kid told me you told him no when he was ten. I think now that he's almost fifteen he can do it. What do you say, dad?"

Apollo pouted, obviously wanting his son to drive. "I suppose he's almost old enough to drive with a learner's permit. Come on, Nico di Angelo, I'll let you take the wheel. But I get shotgun in case you try to fly my car into a giant snake again."

"That wasn't me! It was just my idea..."

That didn't stop him from taking the offer though. It only took Nico fifteen minutes to drive them home, a grin on his face the whole way.


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