☆You hurt them☆

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You were playing with your lego blocks, you got bored and went to your mommy. You didn't mind picking your stuff up so you just left them there. Jonathan came in with bunch of groceries, he couldn't see what was on the floor. He stepped onto your legos and let out a loud painful screech, you and your mom went to check and saw bags of groceries on the floor plus the legos and your dad. He was holding his foot with his hand with a leho stuck on his foot, "God...I hate legos so much".

The two of you were playing tag, you ran and he chased you. You hid from him under the table, you slowly got out from under the table and checked if the coast is clear. You were wrong and your father was waiting for you,  you ran and ran until your head bumped into something. It was your dad and he made wierdest face you've ever seen "Pa?" His hands were covering his no no square and kneeled, "right in the zoinkers" he wheezed.

Your dad was cursing at the person in the phone, "Your so annoying! Stop calling me you bitch!" He hanged up the phone and realized you were rright there with your little dolphin plush, you walked over to him and kicked his leg "Stop cursing!". He made sure that your not around when he starts to curse.

You punched him for eating your food.

He turned your teddy bear into butterflies and you smacked him, "I WANT (Teddy bears name) BACK" he laughed and turned your bear back to normal.

You and Mista were playing swords, "Oh no you got me!" You have  cornered him and made a dramatic pose with the sword "This is the end for you Guido!" You pressed the sword to his stomach and he kneeled on one knee and dramtically died.  "(Y/-" you got startled and threw the sword behind you hitting someone "Oof" you turned to see your father rubbing his head holding your fake sword in his other hand "What is this made of???". You apologized later.

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