Part 25 Chapter 17-Singing and Boats

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I was lying in bed, my senses full of Shewolf, waves parting before us, the rhythm soothing, a relief from the complexity of law, politics, and words.

On the other side of the bulkhead, Sanchez murmured into her recording device, only two words distinguishable: ... Sanchez reporting...

I pulled the blanket over my head. What was she reporting? And to whom? Truly, I didn't care.

The door to my stateroom slid open and Gagnon entered. "Ms. Politkofsky, do you feel okay? You've been sleeping a lot. Is it because of the attack? Do you need to talk about it?"

I wished she'd just go away.

Gagnon pressed a cool hand to my forehead. "You seem a little hot. Let's get you to a doctor. What a great opportunity for checking over the Fenrian medical system."

Good Danna! Did the woman ever stop?

On the prow, our figurehead growled.

Gagnon had me contacted Captain Alop and, with me interpreting, explained how I needed to visit a doctor. According to her, I was suffering from some sort of shock. Captain Alop, founder him, agreed. I was too damn responsible to muddle the interpretation. And I wasn't entirely sure they were wrong.


Gagnon marched me off the ship in Jamako Bay, Lubeck tagging along ready to take notes on Fenrian healthcare.

The healthwyv greeted us and welcomed us into the front rooms of her cottage. I explained to Lubeck that Healthwyv can be mean doctor, nurse, or public health worker, but this one was probably a doctor so that's what we'd call her. She was a member of Clan Jamako, so that was her last name—Dr. Jamako.

"What are you about?" she asked. This was the traditional greeting; one I'd gone over this with Gagnon and Lubeck

"Watching the tide," I gave the traditional response. "And we came here because she—" I jerked a thumb toward Gagnon. "Thinks I'm sick. And he's taking notes on Fenrian healthcare."

Gagnon stepped forward. "We're with the Federated Space Transit Authority, also known as FedTransit. This is my interpreter, Ms. Politkofsky. I am Ms. Gagnon. Mr. Lubeck has accompanied us." She held out her hand and left it hanging there.

Dr. Jamako glanced from the outstretched hand to me.

I nudged Gagnon. "They don't shake hands when they meet here. Not like that anyway. They consider it dangerous."

"Quite right." Gagnon dusted her hand on her skirt.

I made the introductions in Fenrian: "Space Transit here. I go by Missy. This is Gagnon. She doesn't speak Fenrian, so I interpret for her. This man is Lubeck."

Gagnon spoke, "Ms. Politkofsky has been spending an unusual amount of time sleeping. We recently underwent a stressful situation, and she seems lethargic."

I hadn't been sleeping, but I wasn't going to let on to Gagnon what I'd been doing. I said in Fenrian, " I'm a language interpreter and my job is stressful. They think I should find out if something is wrong with me. I've been staying in bed a lot."

"Missy," said the doctor. "Unless this woman is your mother and this man is your uncle, they should leave while I examine you."

I told Lubeck and Gagnon, "She says you can only stay if you're my parents."

"I'd like to stay," said Gagnon.

"For you to stay is an invasion of privacy." I crossed my arms. "Both here and off-world. It doesn't matter that you can't understand what we're saying."

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