Let me love you a Harry styles love story STARRING YOU

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Note: you and Harry are already Dating in the beginning but the way you meant will be mentioned later on.

Esli xx

Your POV

Your heading to class when someone hugs you from behind and you know immediately know who it is.

U: Harry I missed you so much

Harry: I missed you more babe

U: ok babe now let go because I have to get to class

Harry:but I don't want you to leave let's stay here

U: as much as i'd love to I have to go ok?

Harry: ok *lets go* goodbye kiss

U: fine * kisses him goodbye*

Harry: see you after class ok babe?

U: ok bye baby

Harry: bye

*skipping to going home*

your at your locker when Harry comes up

"ugh I hate school" Harry says

"me too but at least tommorow is the last day of school " you said

Harry: i know finally anyway let's go home love the lads are waiting for us at the car

U: ok let's go

*you guys hold hands and head to the car*

Niall comes up and hugs you

"hey nialler"

"hey (YN)"

* Niall lets go*

Louis: YAY my turn *he comes up and hugs you then you feel another pair of strong arms around you and another and eventually all the boys are hugging you*

U: um guys I can't breath

Harry: sorry love *gives you a peck on the lips*

Niall: should we go home I'm kinda hungry

Liam: me too

Zayn: me three

Louis: me four

Harry: I guess I'm fifth

U: ok then let's go

* you all get in separate cars and drive home* driving order




you all park your cars and head inside the house

U: so what do you want to eat in cooking

Harry: I'll help

Niall: do you know how to make spaghetti?

U: of course

Louis: great

U: ok guys just wait here and me and Harry will cook you guys the food

Liam: thanks (YN) your the best

Niall: I'm do glad your part of the family

Louis: me too hey! Can you put carrots in the spaghetti too?

Everyone: NO!

Louis: mean!!

Harry: I'm sorry boo bear but carrots don't taste good in spaghetti