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Third Person P.O.V.
"GOOD NEWS! MY SQUISHY NOW HAS TAPE ON IT!" Simon yelled. "HEY! WHO GIVES A SHIT?" Maddie yelled back. "BONE JAW EVERYONE!" Pete yelled, waking up. It was the next day and not everyone was awake yet. "Bone jaw?" Ally asked. "Yeah. It's how to say hello in French," Pete said, confident in his answer. Bram face-palmed. "I had a dream I had salmon vanilla," Justin said groggily. "Salmonella," Lauren corrected. "Hang on. What if cars had dreams?" Camila asked. "You better not be high," Dinah said. "Hey. In Strangers, Lauren says 'she doesn't let me have control anymore'. Then, Camila has a song called 'She Loves Control'. CAMREN!" Normani exclaimed. "IT WAS A COINCIDENCE!" Lauren groaned. "Actually, it's Madren... Oof, that sucks," Maddie groaned. "Fuck off," Lauren groaned. "How about Madmila? Wow, none of you can be shipped," Demi groaned. "Ha, Madmila. That's kind of funny," Camila smirked. "Millie!" Billie exclaimed. "NO! GOD DAMN IT STOP!" Ari screamed. "OOOOOOOH! Someone's jealous," Nicki smirked. Cardi began laughing. Ari Climbed down from her bunk and cuddled up next to Maddie. "Ari, I didn't agree to this," Maddie laughed. "Shut the fuck up. You're mine and no one can take you," Ari growled.
"Ariana, you haven't gotten away from Maddie for the past hour. Let the poor girl breathe," Billie laughed. "Billie, shut the fuck up," Ariana snapped. "If that's how you're going to treat my possible friends, then get the fuck away from me," Maddie snarled. "Ari, what's your problem anyway?" Gabbie asked. Ari sighed and said, "I fucking love this girl a lot. I've only been a bitch to her through this whole trip and she's becoming closer to everyone else. I... I just want to be close with her, but... never mind." She looked away and slowly began to move away from Maddie. "Aww, that's actually sadly cute," Ally said. "Bram... stop putting your DICK in my face," Simon groaned loudly. Ari turned back to Maddie, who had grabbed her arm. "I'm sorry," she whispered, tearing up. Maddie sighed and replied, "It's OK. However... you already made the statement that I'm yours, so get back over here." Ari moved back over to Maddie and curled up next to her. "Aww," Halsey said, looking at them. "Take a picture. It'll last longer," Taylor scoffed. "You two look warm. Can I come over there?" Camila joked. "No, I'm going over there. Maddie loves me more anyways," Billie laughed.
"DOUBLE GAY!" Pete yelled. "What?" Gabbie asked. "Bram and Simon are together... Maddie and Ari are together... DOUBLE GAY!" Pete exclaimed. "No. We're not together," Maddie said. Ari looked up at her quietly. "Unless you want to," Maddie continued, looking at her. Ari nodded and Bram yelled, "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!"
"WHAT THE FUCK DINAH!" Lauren yelled. "What happened now?" Demi asked. "This bitch just posted pictures of me standing next to Camila and put Camren as the caption," Lauren groaned. "I don't even fucking like her as a friend," Camila snarled. "Oh, OK then. I never did anything to you," Lauren growled. "Camila, you shouldn't be the one hating us anyways," Normani snapped. "Of course she hates us. Her having a solo career made her think she's better than everyone," Ally said. "Would all of you get over the fact I left. It was my choice, not yours," Camila snapped. "OK, but we were your friends. You could've stayed in touch," Dinah said. Maddie sighed and began playing a game on her phone. "I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE! GOD DAMN IT! I LEFT BECAUSE I WAS SICK OF YOU ALL!" Camila yelled, then left the bunk area. Everyone looked over at the others. They all looked upset. "Uh, are you guys OK?" Halsey asked. "Do we look fine?" Dinah snapped, turning away. "I kind of feel bad," Billie said. "Has anyone heard my new song?" Taylor asked, perking up. "Not the time Snake," Cardi groaned. "Is it bad I call her Taylor Shit?" Gabbie asked. "HEY!" Taylor yelled. "GUYS! I HAVE TO SHIT!" Justin cried. "EMMANUEL! WE NEED TO MAKE A STOP! JUSTIN HAS TO SHIT!" Maddie yelled. "NEXT STOP IS IN AN HOUR MADDOG! I DON'T MAKE THE RULES!" Emmanuel replied. "Well, we have one angry bitch, one self promo bitch, and one shity ass," Bram said. "We also have four sad bitches," Selena said, gesturing to the rest of the 5H girls. "Any of you girls wanna go out?" Pete asked. "I need to... brush my pet pillow," Dinah said quickly. "Good job Dinah," Ally laughed. "At least you four are nice to each other," Ari said. Everyone went silent.

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